Microsoft announces Windows 10 tech preview, start menu is back

Final story is out from the Microsoft headquarters now. The next Windows OS version won’t be Windows 9 or Windows X or any other which were being rumored since past few months around the web rather it will be all new Windows 10. Microsoft has skipped the number ‘9’ for some unknown reasons but who cares, we got a brand new Windows OS to love and use for our daily use. It isn’t a brand new version of Windows OS rather a mix of Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 which are already available to the users. There are many users who are still with Windows 7 and they were in no mood for the 8 upgrade. So this Windows 10 is an attempt to bring those users closer to the latest windows update.

To make sure users do upgrade to this latest iteration, Microsoft has introduced a newer and improved version of Start button. The new Start button now features functionality and design tweaks of both Windows 7 and 8/8.1. So, there is no separate home screen for your apps shortcuts and even the live tiles are integrated within the Start menu itself.

So, Windows 10 it is!

Windows 10 Tech Preview

The return of Start button and metro tiles built-in beside the normal start menu is there to let users stay on the desktop all the time. The earlier attempt from Microsoft was to offer a different Start screen which was little annoying for desktop users. This is why many users preferred to stay back with Windows 7. However, now the time has changed and so the Windows OS and I’m pretty sure Microsoft will find success in changing the mindset of all those users.

Visually Upgraded UI

The main visual and functional look of the OS is still the same however the performance improvements would surely be there in the bag. The major change is in the visual user interface. The OS now looks visually gorgeous and clutter free. Icons are clean and everything looks amazing.

The new Start menu brings shortcuts to program or apps installed on your system along with Live Tiles on the right side. On top, user profile is pinned along with option to shut down or restart the system.

Windows 10 Tech Preview Announced

A new and powerful search is also part of this preview and it can deliver search results really fast and can also show results from the web which is powered by none other than Bing Search (I really hope they include Google search in there). A new multitasking option is pinned on the taskbar itself using which you can use to switch between all running programs or can close any of them anytime. You can even create different workspace and put your home and business applications running on different desktops (a feature Linux users enjoying since years).

This is just a tech preview which is expected to be available for free download at course, there would be many more changes and performance improvements in the next few months. In the meantime, you can head over to the windows preview website and check if the tech preview is available for Windows 10.

[source: Microsoft blog]

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