Build 2015: All the new things revealed about Windows 10

Every year Microsoft holds this “Build” conference where a bunch of geeks, nerds and press people collect together to see the latest coding tools that company has built for them. It’s also the stage at which people come to know at least a few more things about the future of company’s software business.

Yesterday was no exception. In fact, yesterday’s Build conference was more important than ever because company was going to provide even more info about the most impressive work it has done till date, the hugely anticipated Windows 10. Big surprises about the upcoming OS were revealed and we’re going to take you through all of them:

1. A new Start Menu has born. And it’s stunning!

start menu

Microsoft might’ve made the bad decision of killing its classic identifier Start Menu when it developed Windows 7, but that has become a thing of past. Considering the love of Windows users for Start Menu, company decided to craft it once again while working on Windows 10. And I must say that it looks stunning! With a cleaner design, Aero Glass transparency, animated live tiles and smart suggestions for new apps it won’t be an exaggeration to call it the birth of a new Start Menu!

2. Spotlight makes it easy to get the most out of Windows

spotlight lockscreen

You may be using Windows for more than a decade, but chances are quite high that you are still far from becoming a power user of Microsoft’s operating system. Fortunately, that may change with Spotlight. While it’s main job is to push streams of useful information to your desktop throughout the day, it’ll be doing one more thing for you in Windows 10: Providing tutorials as you may need them. For example, if you ignore Cortana for a couple of weeks it can automatically remind you of the voice assistant and how can you use it.

3. Desktop app of Cortana has improved even more

desktop cortana

This may not necessarily be a breaking news for those greatly excited users who’ve been following Windows 10 development from a long time, but for others it’s worth mentioning that desktop app of Cortana is becoming better and better with time. Now it can execute your commands even in third party apps. For example, you can start a chat with any of your friends on Viber by giving a simple command to Cortana, as Microsoft VP Joe Belfiore demonstrated on stage.

4. Forget Internet Explorer, it’s time for an Edge

edge browser

Codename remained a codename, and Microsoft has decided to call its new browser “Edge” instead of “Spartan” that we had been hearing till now. Belfiore told the press why this name makes sense – because the new browser lives on “edge” of technology. Besides name another big news about Edge is that Chrome and Firefox extensions can be ported to Edge with slight modifications in the code. So far, so good. But it remains to be seen that how these extensions actually work in Edge. Even a new name and a whole lot of new features may fail in increasing Microsoft’s share in web browser market if it becomes a bloated nightmare after installing these extensions!

5. iOS and Android apps can be ported to Windows 10

Here comes the kicker! Like Edge extensions developers will be able to port their existing iOS and Android applications to Windows with slight modifications in the code. This is Microsoft’a plan to increase the app count in Windows Store, and two new software development kits have already been released to make the work easy for developers. For Android apps Microsoft has planned to take advantage of Java and C++ code; for iOS it has decided to get things done with Objective C code. It’ll be interesting to see how things go after this announcement.

To cut the long story short, Windows 10 is the best operating system till date by Microsoft. But there’s a lot of difference in seeing presentations and experiencing things in real life. It’ll be interesting to see how far Microsoft goes with new Windows 10 ecosystem.

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