Nokia Lumia 530 leaks: Will it be the next game changer?

If there is one theory in the world I believe is the theory if reincarnation. People have slowly started getting  the pace at which Android Platform is evolving and the wait for the Operating System Updates is killing the fun to own an Android Phone.

Two years back, Nokia with Windows Phone launch made an announcement into this smart phone war launching fresh, colorful tile based layout to the world. Few likes it, few experimented with it and few stayed with it, but from thereon Windows Phone has been evolving at a good pace.

Back in April 2014, when we shared minute by minute coverage of Windows Phone 8.1 launch, it was believed that Windows has finally pressed the accelerator with nitrogen boost, bringing in loads of new features, developing the entire ecosystem which could easily take on the Android Kitkat or the iOS 7 functionalities.

Ever since the new OS was announced we have seen huge developments on the platform, few of the highlights are:

  • Micromax joining the Windows League along with Prestigio
  • Microsoft Office being made free for iPhone, iPad and Android users
  • LG, HTC and even Samsung’s Windows Phone 8.1 based handsets getting leaked
  • Millions of App developers re-routing towards the new platform with much more to do

With the launch of Lumia 630 (first Windows Phone 8.1 out of the box) across 23 countries, and the recent acquisition of Lumia Range from Nokia has made Microsoft a shining star amongst the Galaxy. Also,  we know that the Lumia 930 is just around the corners for a commercial launch expected around 24th June 2013.

It seems that the success of Nokia Lumia 520 is going to get repeated. Just as in the beginning I mentioned about the theory of re-incarnation, I bring you the latest leaks of Lumia 530.  The phone pictures got leaked in a Windows Phone buying guide, where Lumia 530 was spotted along with Lumia 930 and Lumia 630; all running Windows Phone 8.1 out of the box.

Lumia 530 leaked

By looking at the screen size, we can guess that the Lumia 530 will have a 4.3″ display; which is bigger than the 4’’ display of the Lumia 520. The phone doesn’t have a front camera and still holds the Nokia branding. The Lumia 530 is believed to be codenames as Nokia Lumia Rock or Nokia Rise.  The release date of the phone is still not clear, but my guess for the commercial launch is August 2014.

If Microsoft gets this device right, Lumia 530 will write new chapters in history for Microsoft and will take forward the legacy of the most successful Windows 8 Phone – Lumia 520. Expected price, too tough to say but would be under INR 9000.

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