How to install Developer Preview Windows Phone 8.1

Post the Build 2014 conference, Windows Phone 8.1 has caught the world’s attention. It is being considered that the answer to ever-growing Android ecosystem is finally here.  Microsoft hasn’t released the official Windows Phone 8.1 till now but they have certainly released an appetizer for developers to enjoy. The beta test module of Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1 is out for developers and they can download it easily by registering their Live/Windows accounts on Microsoft website. But normal Windows Phone 8 users are utilizing this availability and registering as developers to enjoy this version.

Windows Phone Developer Preview

Best part is the official availability of the much talked Cortana; a voice assistant. It is not be available in all countries, but in the test module people are having a lot of fun with it across the globe. One of our close friend even tried proposing Cortana for marriage.

How to install the Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview

  • Go to and register with your Microsoft Live Id & Password
  • Now open this link and install the app
  • After installing this app, tap on it to open.
  • Log in with your Microsoft Live Id & Password
  • Accept terms & privacy related conditions.
  • Enable Developers Preview and click done.
  • Install Developer Preview. To install the update, connect to Wifi network, click settings, phone update, then check for updates.
  • An update ready for you to download.

[Download Link]

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