In pictures – Surface Pro 4, Surface Book and Lumia 950 accessories

Microsoft may have had rough year lately, however, their recent announcement brought excitement back as long as Surface devices are concerned. The launch of these two incredible devices i.e., Surface Book and Lumia 950 showed us how beautiful they can get. And, let’s not forget the Surface Pro 4; a successor to the last generation surface lineup. I strongly believe that these devices would create much higher impact than the android devices that are in the pipeline of being launched. It is arguable that the new nexus lineup from Google is equally attractive but I still have slight inclination towards these two devices just because of their design. The accessories play a vital role in improving the usefulness of these devices and that’s where Microsoft has kept it all fresh.

Surface Pro 4 Type Cover

The first and most price worthy accessory is detachable keyboard that brings a whole new level of efficiency through Surface Pro 4. In simple words, you just have to attach it to the device and that’s your laptop right in front of you. The glass track-pad is around 40 percent bigger than its predecessor and perhaps it is compatible with both Surface Pro 3 and Pro 4. There are plenty of colors that are being offered and I seem to have my inclination towards full black keyboard. It also has a variant with finger print ID which off course, offers much better security to your data.

Buy – Microsoft Surface Pro 4 [256 GB/8GB RAM/ Core i5]

Surface Pen

Surface Pen is another fantastic accessory which is packed with every Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 devices. It sure is a wonderful addition as if you know how to use it. It is designed to replace your pen and writing pad. The most interesting aspect of this pen is it doesn’t need to be charged at all. This is huge considering how today’s world is moving with respect to the fitness trackers, or other small but useful devices which requires charging every few days. There are about 1024 levels of sensitivity giving you the exact feeling of using a pen. Would you be shocked if I tell you that this tiny pen is also equipped with an eraser which allows you to erase any mistakenly written material.

Surface Dock

Surface Pro 4 has its own downsides. Microsoft had to give up on the number of ports and if you’re missing any of these ports, you should probably get this Surface Dock. It has Ethernet port, audio jack, 4 USB 3.0 ports, 2 min display ports and an external power supply. This would definitely give more life to your Surface Pro 3/4/Book.

Microsoft Display Dock

Microsoft Display Dock is another useful addition that some of you would love to have. It allows you to control your Lumia 950/950XL device through a computer, keyboard and mouse. In short, it lets you use your phone just like a computer, running seamlessly at 1080 pixels resolution and 60 frames per second. It comes real handy when you want to be more productive but you’re limited because of the phone.

The accessories that are being launched by Microsoft are pretty amazing and fits right where they are useful. It seems that they have some really clever people working out on the market requirements. Right from being productive at your work, taking notes to drawing some artistic designs, these accessories are mind-blowing. If you seem to have your eyes caught on any of these accessories, and would like to keep yourself updated with these kind of gadgets, you should perhaps hold yourself and see what Microsoft might offer in the coming months.

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