Alert Windows Phone Users: WhatsApp goes missing from Windows Store

After being recently acquired by Facebook, WhatsApp currently stands active with more than 500  million users globally. Out of this huge chunk, there lies a small percentage of Windows Phone users who have now started witnessing their application store evolve.

With the announcement of Windows Phone 8.1, there were rumours and leaks about WhatsApp also getting a huge relaunch for Windows Phone users, adding much better notification processes and huge bugs fixed. The Microsoft ecosystem developers have been hinting on a huge update coming soon for windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1 users from quite sometime and there have been speculations of having a WhatsApp Beta being leaked for download.

What’s App Goes Missing in Windows Phone Store

Whats App missing from Windows Phone Store

But, Today we saw something more mysterious, The WhatsApp app from the store went missing. People who have this app installed on their Windows powered smartphone  are reportedly still able to use the service, but no new user could install the application from the store today.

WhatsApp has gone missing from the Windows Phone Application Store. If you search for the app on Mobile Store, it results in  “We couldn’t find a match. Try a different spelling or search term.” Try doing the same search on the web based store, the search resulted into the application being listed but while you try download the same, there was a prompt reply, “This app is no longer published”.  Thus eventually, the Application is not available for people to download.

Whats App

Currently there are no official words from Facebook onto why WhatsApp has gone missing from the store all of a sudden. Till the time we wear from the WhatsApp or the Facebook team, we would have to wait. Till that time all new or existing users will keep guessing. The fear is that if the App keeps people waiting for a lot of time, new IM+ Services like Chat ON, Snapchat, Hike or We Chat would grow more on the Windows Platform.

My guess: There might be a case that there is a huge huge promised big update standing on the doorstep. Till then, let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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