Big Update for Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview

A few days ago we made you learn how to download the Developer’s Preview of the Windows Phone 8.1, the latest operating system offered by Microsoft. With this update Microsoft embarks a huge leap and sets the competition of Operating System on fire.

It’s almost been a month now that I have been using the developer preview version on my Nokia Lumia 1520 and honestly, the ecosystem has evolved to new heights. Not only the feature upgraded gives the mobile world a huge support to be in the race, but there has been lots of companies who are seeing Windows platform as the next big thing. There has been a lot many newer Apps getting released and even Microsoft is pumping in lot of efforts to boost this new platform.

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Adding to this we have seen HTC, LG, Micromax and Prestigio getting their upcoming Windows devices leaked through various sources on internet; adding a huge market support for the platform.

Checking of Software Update on my Lumia 1520 has now beome a habit for me. Today the moment I woke up, there was a sweet update on my Lumia. At moment I was on the OS Version: 8.10.12359.845. This new update sets me to a newer Version: 8.10.12382.878.

What new things are in here for the Developers?

  • Battery Consumption is much lesser
  • Huge Bug Fixes
  • Games loading faster now
  • Phone seems and feels more smoother

Its just been 4 hours, I have downloaded this update  and I feel excited. According to the tweet from Joe Belfiore (Product Head of Windows Phone OS at Microsoft) this update brings us tons of Bug Fixes, Cortana Upgrade and Battery Fix.

How to download this update on your Lumia Devices?

  • Make sure you have signed up as developer at Microsoft Developers website
  • Next Step is to Download – Preview for Developer Application from Windows Store
  • Go to Settings, Click on Phone Update and Check for Updates

The download stays at 1% for sometime and then blasts to 100% in 4 minutes on a WiFi Network. So guys, update to the latest OS from Microsoft and have fun on your windows devices. Please note that downloading the Developer preview might void the warranty of your device. Only devices running on Windows phone 8 can be upgraded to Windows  Phone 8.1.

Big Update - Windows Phone Developer PreviewBig Update - Windows Phone Developer Preview

That’s it people. Let me know if there are any problems that you’re facing during the installation of this latest windows phone developer preview update.

  • Manova

    So When does it come for normal users… I’m badly waiting for that 8.1 and Cortana…

    • Pavan

      I don’t MS has detailed that yet however my guess is that it should be available in 2-3 months.

      • Manova

        thanks for that details bro.. and does this update of 8.1 have a file manager and equalizer in music,,

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