6Snap brings SnapChat on Windows Phone: Our Review

The year 2014 belongs to Instant Messaging Applications, where we have seen  Instant Messaging App releasing their newer versions across platforms. We chat WeChat’s new version, we are witnessing Hike taking a Hike amongst the youth and now on the top was Chat ON. Chat ON especially has been evolving the application ecosystem like no other, not only chats but Samsung has been successful of developing an ecosystem for it’s users so that they  don’t even have to think of any other application to follow their brands, birthday wishes, large files etc.

6Snap : SnapChat Alternative for Windows Phone


Over all these application, there is one app which has created a niche and almost a new segment of its own. It not only let’s users chat, but chat with emoitions (read: pictures).  If you ware of this fast growing application, then you would know why is this the next big thing after Whatsapp. And if are still a newbie for this app, here is why Snapchat is growing so fast:

  1. Availability of Internet: Thanks for our telecom operators, we have good (not the best) internet connectivity across our country
  2. Growth of Smartphones: You can buy a Android Smartphone for Rs. 3000 on-wards
  3. Way of Communicating: Broadcasting your emotions, conveying what you are upto or what you are doing with just a text is not where the world wants to go. Snapchat with its Fast + Easy Media Creation, we are able to communicate through photos. When we start communicating through media we light up.

Snapchat is the most easiest way to communicate with anybody; it’s even lighter than typing a message.  What I really like is that there’s no comments. For while I Snapchat with someone, the only way to reply back is another snapchat. 95% of the users just post whateverthey are currently doing at that moment. For example, back to office after a vacation picture with a weird and tired look. Snapchat became an instant hit on among college students and senior school students, and now the fever is growing towards the matured audience and even the brands.  Each Snapchat you do comes with a time limit, which makes messaging more fun and engaging. The timelimit ensures that the snap you shared disappears after set seconds, once opened. This makes people happy to reply back without having huge internet or social media histories of logs.

6Snap Screen

Thanks to the application design and camera lenses plugged in, Snapchat pictures appear to be candid, which makes our conversations more personal, more realistic and fun. Here’s the secret mantra to Snapchat’s brilliant growth: The Group Messaging. When a user sends a snap to multiple friends, their friends receive a snap identical from a individualized message which makes the mass snaps feel very very personalized.

Snapchat stands tall with huge downloads on Google Playstore, BBM Store or the iTunes store, but this one app was left standing for Windows Phone users, but today we have the next best thing.

Presenting 6Snap, an unofficial SnapChat client which give you all of the above on your Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1 devices. The functionality, actions, interface everything remains the same.

Better late than never, this native unofficial application comes with certain exclusive features for Windows Phone Users:

  • Lens support
  • Extend the picture hub (share menu, etc..)
  • Live tile

To download this excellent application on Windows Phone 8 / 8.1 device, click here:

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