Snapdeal – Personal buying experience by guest blogger

This experience has been shared by one our guest blogger. I’m pretty sure that it will be extremely useful if you’re planning to buy something through Snapdeal.

SnapDeal is a renounced E-commerce website and now a days it is in limelight because of their recent funding with over $500 million and also because of their new look for both website and iPhone and iOS apps. Snapdeal claimed that they have improved their user experience and product search as well as customer service to a great extent. I wanted to test the waters of their claims so I decided to buy something from them. I wanted to buy bluetooth speakers since long time and I thought this was the best time to go with them.

It all started with a product search. With so many options out there, the e-commerce websites had a very cumbersome look and It was a difficult to select the right product. However thanks to the Snapdeal’s new design, the task seemed to be a little simplified.

Aifinity B13 Black Bluetooth Speaker

With a great discount and great price, I ordered the product straight away. I checked the product via website however ordered the product via app and got some additional discount for the same. The estimated date was arrival was 5 days from the date of ordering however I wanted to play with this new gadget sooner. I tried my luck and called their customer support. I asked the customer care team to make sure that the product reaches me earlier.

Though the process was not directly related to logistics, still they were polite enough and noted my request. I was surprised to see that the product reached me within 24 hours of ordering. It was a very great experience for me.

Then came the quality of product. The product was value for money for the amount paid. The product was good however the overall experience of shopping with Snapdeal was great. Probably, I am going to be a more frequent buyer on the same. I’m also planning to do an individual review of this product through this blog. I’ll probably test this product with my laptop as well as Android smartphone. As of now, my initial impression is that it looks stunning. However, I should hold my comments until I use this product for some time.

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