Nokia N1 vs Google Nexus 9 – A quick comparison

Thing to get excited first is that Nokia isn’t dead. The reason here is Nokia N1 which is a newly lunched Android running tablet. This new Nokia Android tablet is only designed by them while manufactured by Chinese Foxconn. Now the arrival of this tablet has increased the confusion among users who were all set to buy Nexus 9 tablet offered by Google few weeks ago. This is the reason why I’m writing down this comparison between Nokia N1 and Google Nexus 9. I’m going to compare all the aspects of both tablets and find out the better one indeed.

Dan Seifert from The Verge who reviewed Google Nexus 9 stated that “the only way to beat the iPad is to build an iPad” and now Nokia is standing right in front of Google as per the statement. Their N1 tablet just need an Apple logo at rear, home button at front and chamfered edges around to make it look completely identical to that of iPad mini.

Nokia N1 vs Google Nexus 9

Now let’s start with the edges of both the tablets. Design prospectively, both tablets look good but surely N1 looks great. You may hate Apple products for any reason but you can accept the design of their products any day, right?

Same thing goes in case of Nokia N1 which is beautiful and technically lighter and smaller than Nexus 9. Even when Google’s recent tablet looks like a stretched version of its Nexus 5, its not able to beat the identical design of N1 to that of iPad mini.

With better design, less weight and compact size, N1 is surely the winner in this first attempt of comparison. Let’s see the rest.


While closely noticing Nexus 9 while using you’ll find it victim of backlight bleeding which shouldn’t be part of a premium tablet. On other hand, N1 has got laminated display which isn’t the case with Nexus 9.

Nexus 9 has got 8.9 inch display while N1 sports 7.9 inch display, both featuring 4:3 aspect ratio supporting same resolution of 2048×1536 pixels (all similar to that of iPad mini). Now since N1 has the smaller display so it has got better pixel density which clearly helps it in winning the battle here.


N1 runs on 64-bit Intel Atom (quad-core) CPU while Nexus 9 runs on 64-bit Nvidia Tegra K1 (dual-core) CPU with similar 2.3GHz clock speed and 2GB of RAM.

Another similarity down the line here is that both tablets carry Android 5.0 (64-bit) operating system which is freshly launched by the Google.

You all are aware that Nexus 9 houses purely stock version of Lollipop but surprisingly, N1 also has got it matched here. The only change Nokia did is with the launcher which they coded recently, the Z launcher.

Z launcher is clearly a clever way of finding apps or games fastly by hinting the alphabet and it’s a welcome unique feature. This particular launcher can be turned off which leaving users with stock launcher.

Since everything here is similar, so both tablets provides similar performance when tested but since Nexus 9 is having Tegra K1 chipset which houses desktop level of GPU, so it is definitely going to play heavy games slightly better than N1.

This section can be a draw while Nexus 9 is slightly ahead because of the hardware tweak developed by Nvidia here.


Nexus devices have never been known for their camera quality neither HTC which manufactured the Nexus 9. So this duet is working as expected in case of their tablet.

On other hand, N1 has 8MP camera at rear and 5MP camera at front. Rear camera features autofocus and both are capable of recording full HD videos. Nexus 9 is still carrying on with 8MP camera at rear and just 1.6MP on front.

Google Nexus 9

I’m aware of the discomfort experienced while using tablet for taking pictures but clearly it can be used for doing video chatting and there N1 is way ahead with its 5MP camera.


With identical hardware and completely same software, both tablets are a good buy this season but clearly Nokia’s attempt is looking better than Google’s one.

While both are trying to compete with iPad mini, I can justify that Nokia is clearly a winner here.

Not to forget, N1 tablet isn’t manufactured by Nokia itself since it sold that department to Microsoft earlier this year for $7.2 billion deal. So its relying on Foxconn for that purpose. Also the future of Nokia product is still not sure while you can any day rely on Google particularly when it comes to its Nexus lineup.

Even if Nokia N1 wins the battle, I’ll still recommend you to buy Nexus 9 unless you’re still a die-hard fan of Nokia.

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