XOLO Win Tablet Review: An Amazing Tablet

Here comes the Xolo Win Tablet review, featuring a fully fledged windows tablet with the ability of running almost all kinds of windows applications. This Xolo Win tablet was initially unveiled in Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2014, however it took almost couple of more months for it to come in Indian market. Looks like it was worth waiting as the tablet has massive 10 inches display and formidable dual core processor. I somehow managed to take a tour of this Xolo Win tablet and review this for you guys. Before getting into it I have to tell you that this isn’t a laptop or a notebook that have been making their way into the market lately. Therefore, it would highly improper to compare it with the laptops and notebooks  from the same price range. However I’m quite sure that this tablet will have its own user base and fan club. Those who don’t like to carry the weight of laptops or even the notebooks, and yet somehow want to use windows all the time, the Xolo Win is the perfect solution for you. Let’s me stop praising about the tablet now. Let’s quickly jump into the Xolo Win Tablet review.

Xolo Win Tablet Review

Xolo Win Tablet Review

Xolo Win Tablet on FlipkartRs 19990

Size and Form Factor

First and most important thing about this tablet are bezels around the screen. They are quite huge. Apart from that it has good sleekness and one should not have any problem while using it. Since it has 10 inch display, you might have some problems in holding it in a hand for longer time but it is all about getting used to it. After few days of use you will not feel anything uncomfortable about this tablet and most importantly bezels might just help you in holding and resting the two thumbs. Tablet has silver finish at back which seems nice and plastic black in front. There is one windows button below the display. The placements of buttons, jacks and ports are quite fine. Overall, the device is good and Xolo has done pretty great job with the design and looks.


The Xolo Win tablet has 10’ display with the resolution of 1366×768 which is very much in line with conventional laptops. It is certainly not the bad considering the price tag of Rs 19990. The pixel per density isn’t as high as other high end tablets but I was comfortable with the resolution and overall screen performance. One thing that bothered me was viewing angles. It could have been better. Apart from that I don’t see any problem with the display. And yes, the display supports multi-touch up to 10 fingers which would certainly increase the precision levels and overall usage.

Processing Power

The tablet has AMD Temash A4-1200 processor which according to Xolo is designed for high tablet performance. I played with the tablet for couple of days and found it to be good for normal usage with moderate multitasking. The device is able to provide same amount of power as our high end Android smartphones. I did not go into any technical details with the tablet like benchmarks and all but the tablet satisfied me with its real life performance. Technically, the processor has 2 CPU cores with a base clock of 1 GHz, a 28-nanometer chip with a Radeon HD 8180 GPU The core is clocked at 225 MHz. The games in Windows app store were able to run smoothly on this tablet without any hiccups. The graphics performance was bit lower to the 3rd Gen Intel sandy Bridge processors but because of the frequency limitation the tablet reached to its peak value quite easily which resulted in performance loss while doing heavy multitasking or gaming.


Xolo Win tablet has 2Gb of RAM and it comes with 32 GB internal memory which can further be expanded using micro SD card slot. Near about 7GB of internal memory is utilized by the OS itself and you get less then 25GB of storage. So, if you are a multimedia addict make sure you buy a good micro SD card for all your multimedia needs. I found the RAM to be sufficient for the basic multitasking and gaming, no complaints here.


Camera on this tablet is mediocre. It has 2MP primary back camera and 1MP front facing camera. The video quality from front camera is below average. I feel front facing cameras on tablets should perform really well as they are really needed for video calling. Nothing to be excited about the back camera as well. The results from this 2 megapixel shooter were quite decent. The Tablet gets its first weak point and its camera. Xolo could have done better in this segment primarily in the front camera. If you are looking for a good camera in a tablet, either you have to compromise or look for another tablet.

Connectivity & Sensors

The tablet has usual connectivity options like Wi-Fi, mini USB ports, Micro SD card reader slot and 3.5mm audio jack. USB port is missing from the tablet which is a big letdown. The tablet doesn’t support 3G SIM card slot which would be a deal breaker for some people. The tablet has proximity sensor and accelerometer but no ambient light sensor, which means you have to manually adjust the brightness of the device.


According to Xolo this tablet uses a very powerful battery which can last up to 6 hours. In our tests, it barely survived about 4 hours with basic multimedia usage and internet surfing on Wi-Fi. It also takes more than 3 hours to charge it from 1% to 100%. Though, the battery life also depends on the way you use it but come on, this is a tablet and people buy it for multimedia and internet. The battery backup on Xolo Win tablet failed to impress me.


Xolo Win tab is a good tablet with some downsides like poor battery backup and mediocre camera. On the positive side it has full Windows 8.1 OS with pre-installed MS office which is very important for business savvy people. Apart from those things, the tablet is good and you should consider buying it if you’re clear about the things that you will be missing.

Here are the pin points of the pros and cons from this Xolo Win tablet review.


  • Full Windows 8.1 Operating System
  • Good overall form factor
  • Pre-installed Microsoft Office


  • Huge bezels around the display
  • Poor battery backup
  • Mediocre camera

Overall, we are giving it 3 stars out of 5 and we would be happy to know your personal experience about it. Don’t hesitate to share them with us through comments.

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