iBerry Auxus Nuclea X Review – A True Octa-core Phone

Many of our readers were requesting for the iBerry Auxus Nuclea X review which is believed to be one of the killer smartphone launched by the company. Well, the smartphone looks very promising on paper and therefore I decided to give it a try and review it on our blog. The first and foremost thing that raised my eyebrows was the true octa-core processor incorporated in this phone. Well, we will talk about it in detail as we go ahead but let’s just have a quick look at what is inside the box packing of the iBerry Auxus Nuclea X.

Currently, the device is exclusively available via eBay for the price of Rs 12990. This is an introductory price for the first 10 days and it will go up to Rs 14990 after the first ten days.

iBerry Auxus Nuclea X Review

iBerry Auxus Nuclea X Review

The iBerry Auxus Nuclea X is packed with some of the best hardware elements and what is interesting is that it looks stunning. The price even makes it quite budget friendly than those from the same price segment. Let us now take a quick look at what you get inside the box.

Inside the box

There is this killer iBerry Auxus Nuclea X smartphone that weights around 165 grams. Not that heavy considering the weight of the Moto G which is 20 grams more than the iBerry Auxus Nuclea X. You also get a decent 2800 mAh battery along with a USB cable and wall charger. The box also has a standard 3.5mm headphones . Not to mention, the phone comes up with a 1 year warranty from iBerry and therefore you would find warranty card inside the box as well.


Stunning! The body and build quality is quite stunning. I simply loved the looks of this smartphone. I’m not sure what sort of material has been used in the making of this smartphone but it looks rigid. Talking about the button placements, the volume rocker keys reside on the left edge whereas the power button lies on the middle portion of the right edge. I generally prefer to have the power button in the middle section as it can easily be reached. The volume jack and the USB ports lies on the upper edge while on the back there is this 13 megapixel shooter accompanied by an LED flash. On the front, there is this 8 megapixel camera that can come handy in taking selfies.


iBerry Auxus Nuclea X Floating Notifications

Moving on to the hardware section of this smartphone, I was literally amazed to see how slick the device was performing on the true octa-core processor. It is clocked at 1.7 GHz and accompanied by Mali 450 MP4 GPU which is once again one of the best GPU available in the market. The 1 GB RAM is enough to keep the device lag free but there are some limitations to the multi-tasking. With this little RAM, you’ll not be able to keep running more than 2-3 apps at the same time. Not a big concern though but it can be useful for those who rely much on the multi-tasking.

The display on the front measures 5 inch HD quality display with 16:9 ratio. While it may not be the full HD display, the 720p HD display is quite remarkable. Additionally, the full lamination OGS technique used in the display makes it thinner than those which are not using it. This also helps you in rendering every tiny bit of the display. Quite a stunning work here too. The floating notification feature is also a great add-on. It gives a quick glance at the notifications without even opening the real app.


The iBerry Auxus Nuclea X is powered by Android 4.2.2 Jelly bean and according to the company’s claims, it will be upgraded to the latest android operating system in the near future. In an earlier review of the Lenovo S860, I mentioned that the Android 4.2.2 Jelly bean is quite an old version of the android especially when Kitkat has been out for a long time. In case of Lenovo S860, company did not promise an update however things are quite different here. The iBerry has mentioned in its banner that the device is upgradable to the latest android operating system via OTA which means that they would release the update in future.

There are bunch of customization carried out by the iBerry on Auxus Nuclea X. They are particularly visible in the icons and notifications panel. Well, at least these customizations are not as heavy as big players like Samsung and HTC and therefore it doesn’t hamper the device performance.


The iBerry Auxus Nuclea X is equipped with a 13 megapixel camera at the back along with an LED flash. The HDR lens is very helpful in capturing good quality pictures with auto flash and auto focus techniques. The other noticeable features include smile shot, face detection, voice capture and face beauty capture mode. While the quality of the pictures produced is not as high as the ones from the other high-end 13 megapixel shooter camera phones, I was pretty much satisfied with the end results.

The front camera has 8 megapixel lens that can help you in taking selfies. While the lens not as powerful as it should be, it again produced satisfying results.


This is something that has been the topic of concern for many android users. However, the iBerry Auxus Nuclea X was able to give a full day battery backup with moderate use of some 1-2 hours of browsing, half an hour of call and constant use of 2G. It might just give a few extra hours if you can limit your internet usage and game playing.

Everything else

The phone has a standard set of connectivity options such as dual SIM mode, WiFi, 3G HSPA+for one of the SIM and 2G for another SIM. It also has a Bluetooth connectivity and GPS. While it may not have the NFC, I don’t think that it is a necessary element in markets like India. I mean I’ve been using Nexus 5 for more than 2 months and not even once I’ve used NFC.

The device comes up with an 8 GB of inbuilt storage and micro SD card slot which can be used to expand the memory up to 64 GB.

Comparison chart

Let us compare this device with the others from the same price range. Check out the table below.

Auxus Nuclea XMoto GMicromax Canvas Turbo A250
Display5 inch 720p4.5 inch 720p5 inch 1080p
Android4.2.2 Jelly Bean (upgradable)4.4.2 Kitkat4.2.1 Jelly Bean
Internal Memory8 GB (Expandable up to 64GB)8/16 GB1 GB for apps, 12 GB for user data
Camera13 MP/8 MP5 MP/1.3MP13 MP/5 MP
Battery2800 mAh2070 mAh2000 mAh
PriceRs 12990*Rs 13999Rs 14999

* Offer details – The company has recently released this smartphone in India and as an introductory offer they have priced it at Rs 12990 for the first 10 days. After this, the price will be back to the Rs 14990.

Final verdict

While it is hard to trust on the companies like iBerry, they have exceeded my expectations when it comes to this device. People generally never trusted Micromax in the initial days but see how they are doing today in the Indian market. I believe that the iBerry has similar potentials and the device reflects those potentials.

I don’t see any harm in buying this smartphone. The device is seriously a good combination of hardware as well as software.

  • Hello, can you please tell me how is the phone looks wise? Is it too thick for one handed operation. The RAM is 1 GB. Would it be better to wait for a version with 2 GB. It has Gorilla Glass, so how good is it? Any lags? Can you please run the Antutu Benchmark and share the score?

    • Pavan

      No, it is not too thick. It is actually thinner than Moto G which feels bulky. 1 GB RAM is enough for most of the time. While 2 GB RAM would definitely be an added advantage, if you’ve no problem in waiting and spending more money on 2GB model, you should wait. Frankly speaking, 1 GB is more than enough for many games and day to day tasks.

      Unfortunately, I don’t have the device with me anymore to run the Antutu benchmarks but let me try and get if possible.

      • I have the Xolo Q800 and I am satisfied with this phone. But the problem is the low screen resolution and screen size which is 4.5 inch.I am planning to switch for that reason.
        I will wait for the other players to join in. Thanks for the reply. Please do share the benchmark scores if you can.

        • Pavan

          The resolution of this phone is quite good. There should be new phones coming in the June with Kitkat pre-installed. So, you should better wait and watch out for them. 🙂

          I’ll try if I can get the device back to do full benchmarks.

  • gagan bulani

    Hi, I am planning to buy this one, but not sure about the Heating issues like in other Iberry mobiles. I have gone through many reviews about Iberry Nuclea N1 ,N2 only few of them were positive. Most of the people were complaining about heating problem, Charging Problems, very bad customer Service etc. Any advice on such issues ?

    • Pavan

      As far as this device is concerned, there weren’t any major heating issues. I’m not sure about the after sales customer service as I’ve never attempted to go there for any reason.

  • Pramod

    Is there any network issue (3G) with this phone as I am facing this problem in my recently bought Iberry auxus corex2 3g tab…and can it be the better choice than MOTO G?

    • Pavan

      No problems at all during our testing. In terms of hardware, it is definitely a better choice but in terms of durability I will vouch for Moto G.

  • Sebastian

    Before I could see your review I already ordered one. Nuclei X, Was thinkng whether i am wrong in ordering one or not. But after seeing your newsletter, I was just expelled my curiosity and anxiety to be at rest. Just waiting for the Item to reach my hand now. Subscribed your newsletter, please do inform the updates to Kit Kat. Orelse how to root the phone. Thanks God Bless.

    • Pavan

      I will definitely keep updating about everything regarding this phone. Do let us know your views once you’ve received the phone.

      I’m eagerly waiting for that. 😉

  • Gopi

    I doubt that you really wrote this review after using that mobile. Looks like a story. Why you did not post a single photo of the the phone you used? 🙁

    • Pavan

      We have a tie-up with the local stores which restricts us to take photos. We are still working closely with companies(manufacturer’s) so that we can get the review units directly.

    • Jax Zion Sonal

      hey gopi my friend i agree with u coz i know device have not been delivered till yet they will be delivered after 16-05-2014 as soon as offer gets expired , and talking about battery it has a standard chinese battery which has not been optimized as per phone needs so 70% i can say it will have heating issues …….

      • Pavan

        Just to add some details, some of the local shops here already have the phone.
        Talking about the battery, there weren’t any major battery heating issues.

        • Jax Zion Sonal

          Can u give me some details in which shops this device is available so i can approach them for testing the device….. Ty

          • Pavan

            Unfortunately we don’t share such data. It is part our agreement that we won’t share such details with anyone.

          • Jax Zion Sonal

            Ohhh great info thanks soon have to call company folks let see how dey can help…….. Once again thanks for ur great review =)

  • Sebastian

    Yes I will more over do me first favour of How to ROOT this phone coz, rooting removes all ills of the phones,. I am using Micromax A75 with root till date now that this phone comes in I would like you help me about rooting and all other stuffs like CWM, recovery and Custom roms if possible. Awaiting my today or tomorrow it will or has to arrive my place. Thanks in advance.

    • Pavan

      I’ll do my best in helping you out whenever necessary. 🙂

  • moreshwar

    Even I was Planning to Buy MOTO G but seeing this phone my mind got Diverted…i have seen many reviews of Iberry Phones like Battery is getting Heated up..I hope This Nuclea X will come out with best battery backup..Mr.Pavan your doing a Great job..pls update the reviews of this phone…

    • Pavan

      This is perhaps great alternative to the Moto G. I’m optimistic that it will get the latest Android update Kitkat.
      I didn’t find any noticeable heating issue in this phone.

  • Ranadheer

    is it only available in black?? how about quality of its camera can u post some pics taken from it camera here??

    • Pavan

      Yes, it is only available in black. The camera is decent. Somewhat similar quality like Moto G. Unfortunately, the device is not with me anymore. I’ll see if I can get it back and do some tasks such as taking camera samples and benchmarks.

  • Jayesh Patil

    pawan sir,i have to buy smartphone for first,can i trust to,iberry auxus nuclea x

    • Pavan

      You’re buying smartphone for the first time? I’m not sure about the customer service but the phone itself is quite good.

      • Jayesh Patil


  • Akshit Bansal

    is this mobile compatible with new software apps ???

    will spare parts be available in case something happens to it ??

  • Akshit Bansal

    actually the company isnt to famous for its mobiles…but i really wanna buy this one…so wanted to noe ur opinion on if i shud

  • Akshit Bansal

    wat do i make of it Mr. Pavan ??

    shud i still buy the mobile after reading peoples reviews in this link ???

    • Pavan

      Hi Akshit,

      Let me answer everything in this one reply.

      1. Is this mobile compatible with new software apps – Most of the apps will run smoothly. Only those apps which require the higher version of Android, won’t run.

      2. Spare parts – I’m not really sure about it but I don’t think they will be available easily.

      3. Regarding the consumer reviews – Yes, there are bad reviews about the company regarding earlier models but I’m really satisfied to see the performance on this particular model. However, I’m not really aware of how the customer service is.

    • Naresh Gupta

      This doesn’t make any sense. Any company be it Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, etc., everyone has 100s of complaints in that site…. Does this mean you won’t buy any mobile? I can actually dare you to show me a known-brand there with no complaints.

  • Akshit Bansal

    thank you sir
    wat do u think about Micromax canvas turbo A250 ??

    • Pavan

      Moto G is better than MMX Canvas Turbo A250.

      • Akshit Bansal

        on wat basis r u saying it sir ?
        canvas has 2gb Ram as compared to Moto G’s 1gb
        canvas has 13MP camera whereas Moto G has 5MP camera
        processor of canvas too is better
        can u plz tell why acc. to u Moto G is better

        • Pavan

          Moto G is durable and seriously one of the classic phone. It is not just the RAM that counts. In Canvas A250, you get just 1 GB of app storage. What that means is you won’t be able install the apps after 1 GB of memory has been used by apps. Additionally, this phone has the older Android system running on it. The 13 megapixel camera isn’t that great too.

          When it comes to Moto G, you almost get 11 GB of free storage both for apps as well as your personal data. You also get latest android version which is damn light. It literally flies on top of this hardware.

          Here’s the review of Moto G that we wrote couple of months ago.


          • Akshit Bansal

            cant canvas A250 be upgraded to the latest android version ??
            i read ur review about Moto G.
            so if i hav to buy a mobile in range from 12000-16000 then Moto G is the best one acc. to u ???

          • Pavan

            As of now, there is no official update for the Canvas A250 from Micromax.

            I wrote that review in March when this device wasn’t even launched. Both these devices are equally good. It all comes down to what sort of your personal liking’s.

          • Akshit Bansal

            i hav decided to buy Moto G.
            shud i go for it ??

          • Pavan

            Yes, absolutely. I’ve been playing with it for 2 months and it is worth every penny spent. You’ll never regret buying it. 🙂

            Here’s the link to buy it from Flipkart – http://flpkrt.in/1jdDj1h

          • Akshit Bansal

            i hopu u r ryt.
            Thank You 🙂
            will let u noe once i get it

  • Akshit Bansal

    how long hav u used this mobile sir ??

    • Pavan

      Please add all your questions in one comment. If you’re asking about Moto G, I’m currently using it along with Nexus 5. If you’re talking about iBerry’s Nuclea X, I’ve used for 3-4 hours.


    Hello Pavan Sir,
    I’ve placed an order for auxus nuclea x handset in ebay on 8th may and awaiting for the product to reach me.In fact,I’ve thoroughly gone through the technical specifications and also made a comparative study with the so-called branded phones with almost same specs.
    Please advice me if I’ve taken a correct decision or not.


    What happen Sir? What is wrong with my post?

    • Pavan

      There was an image attached to it. Probably your profile picture and something else. System detected it and put it into spam folder.


    Oh! then what to do now?

    • Pavan

      I did read your comment in there. if your requirements are being fulfilled by this smartphone, you’ve taken the right decision. 🙂

      [Please don’t make new thread for new comment, you can use the reply feature]


    Thanx Sir for ur response.Lets hope 4 da best…

  • Sagar Kawthankar

    Can you please tell me that should I buy Moto G or iBerry Auxus Nuclea X? My requirements are superb front camera for clicking selfies as well as back camera for hd recording, good gaming experience, good battery life and long duration of the phone(If I buy a phone, I will be using it for 2-3years) & Upgradable to kitkat(In case of nuclea x as moto g already got a kitkat update). Also do consider after sales and customer care. Awaiting your reply 🙂

    • Pavan

      Well, most of the points that you’ve mentioned like camera performance are equally good in both phones. I’m not sure about the durability and after sales service of the iBerry phones but Moto G seems quite durable as it is a well-known company (and being bought by Lenovo). There is no confirmation on whether Kitkat update will be released for Auxus Nuclea X.

      You can check out this article for quick comparison – http://www.digitbrunch.com/android/iberry-auxus-nuclea-x-vs-moto-g

      • Sagar Kawthankar

        So its better to buy moto g right?

        • Pavan

          Its your call mate but I would prefer Moto G since it is durable and already has Kitkat update running.

          If you want a bigger display and octa-core processor, iBerry is your choice.

          • Sagar Kawthankar

            Okay thanks 🙂

      • Shreya Gupta

        iberry officials say that they will release Kitkat update for Nuclea X in a couple of months

  • Jayesh Patil

    sir,will uplease tell me,that camera of nuclea x is good or not?

    • Pavan

      It is quite decent. I would term it average.

  • Jayesh Patil

    means not so bad?


    Ausxus nuclear x not a good phone beacse I can use last 5 days its body fitting not gud and open atumetcaly so don’t buy this product if it was dropped once than not running

    • Pavan

      Thank you for sharing your inputs buddy. I hope it helps everyone out here in some or the other way.

  • ajinkya

    S S S TOMAR, please share your detailed review regarding AUXUS NUCLEA X which will help us in taking correct decision

  • sandeep

    Dear sir
    i want to buy wickedleak wammy titan 3 octa. but not sure about quality, durability and after sale service. even it is available for online only, how we can get spare parts if required, is it a big concern?. same with iberry nuclea X. what is ur suggestion among this two options

    • Pavan

      As per my understanding, both these devices are good but they might not last long (may be a year if you take the extra precautions such as getting a protective cover). I’m afraid that any of those would last for one year. There is no further information available about the spare parts.

  • raj rai

    which phone is best to buy lenovos920/moto G/auxus nuclea X/sony xperiaT2 ultra

    • Pavan

      Sony Xperia T2 ultra is good one but are you sure you can wait for couple of more months to get the Kitkat update? If you want it now, get Moto G or if you can wait that much, Xperia T2 Ultra is better.

  • Sebastian

    Company iBerry ave exceeded my expectations when it comes to this device. My device delayed by 3 days by Aramex. All said by Pavan can be read in the Phone. no lag free. Only it has to be rooted. As rooting causes warranty loses, but it is worth doing it. Its Octa core and light it wieght with 13 mp back camera which is stunning in the dark or low light, forget about in the day time, more over you will have to sit and learn each aspect of its software.

    Pavan there are rooting facilities in the Youtube please suggest me good one please.
    Not been afraid of bricking nor warranty. But for to be on the safer side. I take the risk for it no issues on it. But do suggest one. waiting for your reply at sebsonik@gmail.com.

    • Pavan

      I’m glad to how much my review has helped you. As of now, there is no rooting method available for this device but being a phone running on MediaTek processor, you can try “Framaroot” application to root your phone.

      Be aware that it can brick or damage your phone and warranty would be void.

      • Sebastian

        Thanks for the piece of advice. Since “Framaroot” is an .APK file it won’t run through PC so how am I should know it. Can or will do it., cause nothing much is said in Youtube. If you have link for it of How to do it I didn’t find it. Please do send it or upload it for me. Thanks for information.

        With warm regards

        Sebastian P.P
        *+91* *8019683640*

  • Sebastian

    Thanks for the piece of advice. Since “Framaroot” is an .APK file it won’t run through PC so how am i should know how to do it. cause nothing much is said in Youtube. If you have link for it. please do send it or upload it for me. Thanks for information.

    • Mansehej Singh

      Framaroot doesn’t work on the phone. I tried it myself.

  • Indranil Bhattacharya

    Guys, the delivery timelines are pretty disappointing. 3 weeks from the purchase date (after full payment).Ebay has only one seller and saying they are overburdened with orders.How is flipkart delivering Moto G and X ( and now E) in 2 days?the response is many times

    more. Ebay is strange. It should have been taken as a pre-order and Ebay should have been more transparent about it.

    • Pavan

      It is certainly because of the overwhelming response that this device has been able to capture.

  • Thomas Mathew

    Thanks Pawan for the detailed review. I have been waiting to see one like this. I bought this phone yesterday for my bro. First problem I could notice was that, If I restart the phone, it takes more than 50 sec to reach the home screen. But if I power off the phone and turn it on, it’s booting lightening fast. What could be the reason? Also, I felt both the cameras are of bad quality, can’t believe the front cam is 13 MP!!! When we move the phone with the camera on, the scenes on the screen lag, not a free flow. Would like to hear ur opinion on these things. I personally use a Lava Iris Pro 30 and I feel it’s display is better than Nuclea X.

    • There is nothing to be worried about the start-up time as far as I know.
      The front camera is 8 megapixel and not 13 (which is rear camera). Sadly, the cameras on such phones have never been up to the mark. You’ll never feel like it is 13 megapixel shooter as the quality resembles to the quality of 5 or 8 megapixel shooters.

  • Hi Saisiva,

    As mentioned in my earlier comments, I didn’t check it during the initial review. I will get back the device and report it in a week or two.

    The display is good but I would prefer manually changing brightness as required.

    Yes, most of the HD games can be played and they do run smoothly.

  • Thomas Mathew

    Thanks for your reply Pawan. In fact, its speaker stopped working yesterday and I gave it to their service centre. They said it may take a few weeks to get the new speakers from the company or they will have to send the phone back to the company. So overall, I am extremely disappointed with the device. I believe it is a low quality stuff, the swelling sticker under the battery is a proof of that. I shouldn’t have bought it. I request others to wait for a detailed review before buying it.

    • Frankly speaking, the after sales service of such companies is always in question. They are new and it takes quite a lot of effort to reach the good quality after sales service that companies like HTC and Samsung provide.

      The point here is, some customers receive faulty piece and it could be the case with you. Also just curious about why speaker stopped working. Did the phone suffer accidental drop from your hands?

      PS: Its a request to you. Please post comments by pressing reply button. 🙂
      Keeps it clean and others can read and make use of them.

      • Thomas Mathew

        Sorry for the late reply as I met with an accident and had to undergo a surgery. recovering now. BTW, I too had the front/rear cam switching prob. No accidental drop happened. My phone is still with custcare in kochi. spoke to their chennai custcare many times. still i dnt knw whether they have sent the speaker to kochi or not. they always say they will enquire n update the ticket. but nothing will happen. i hv no idea what to do with it.

  • Mansehej Singh

    Nope. We can’t move apps to the SD card. The internal storage itself is divided as Internal and phone storage. No option for SD card.

  • Subash Chandra

    Thanks so much Pawan. I got the delivery on Monday. Its a fantastic phone for dead cheap price. Actually I went for this phone based on your review only. I could play asphalt 8 with butter smooth performance. Gaming is really a treat to play. Display quality is also top notch. Also the charger that came along with the phone was not working out of the box and when I raised a support ticket on their website, they immediately sent me an extra charger without even troubling me to send the defective one.
    Overall, I have a feeling that I got multiple times more than value for money. This company Auxus will surely become one day like Samsung.
    I strongly recommend this product.

    • Hi Subash, I’m glad to see that this review has helped you in making right decision. 🙂

      That is one good good customer service there about charger being replaced. They just need to keep delivering their best in after-sales/customer service. 🙂

  • Abhishek Sud

    Hi Pawan … Thanks for the review.. I had bought this phone about two weeks back and really enjoyed using it with all games running almost lag free …. However i have been facing a couple of issues which i’m not sure whether it is peculiar to my phone only or faced by everyone.

    1. I have not been able to run Facebook app on phone.. I have installed, re-installed , cleared data and again tried configuring it but the app always starts and exits abruptly.

    2. Second is the GPS signal. i have been using various apps such as Google Navigation, Map my Run, etc which uses GPS signal for operation. However, the signal never gets settled and always gives arbitary locations rather the correct one despite it showing a stable signal.Hence, these applications becomes unusable…. There is absolutely no issue with the while using a samsung or sony phone in the same environment.

    I wanted to confirm that is this the problem only with my device or a general problem with this model.

    Early response would be helpful…

    • 1. It seems that it is problem with the bunch of Nuclea X models. Another user has just reported the same problem in the comments.

      2. I think GPS problem is specifically about your model.

      In either of the cases, I would recommend you to reach out to the customer service and “show them” the problem. If you’re able to reproduce these problems in front of them, they might re-install the software first to check if it is a software issue. If not, they might just replace your model.

    • Kalyan Saini

      Try using FB 7.0 version. It works flawlessly. The current version of FB crashes even on my friends canvas knight that runs on 6592 processor. I think its something to do with mtk 6592 processors.

  • sir, i have just ordered one and frankly speaking ….. i am highly unsatisfied with this phone ….. due to these major issues:
    1- facebook app doesn’t worrks properly . it lags in between as soon as i start click on anything .
    2- uc browser also lags in between the browsing of google or anything
    3- the camera changing (between front and rear) disappears as soon as i change the camera resolution to 13 MP
    please reply me soon otherwise i will have to return the device back to the seller

    • 1. You’re the second user reporting this problem and I think you should visit their customer service. The first user has already tried clearing data etc.

      2. You should try out different browsers. It could be the problem with UC browser itself. See how Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera are performing.

      3. I think the camera bug is related to the software issue and perhaps visiting their customer service gallery might just resolve the issue.


    Pavan…..I am back again.I have gone through all the comments by my fellow friends and unlike Saisiva and Mansehej Singh I also have a great concern about moving of apps in SD Card slot.Although all of us know that all applications cannot be moved to SD Card…..yet I have tried several times through settings….applications….move to SD Card but in vain. Astonishingly I have noticed that none of the apps could be moved to SD Card!!! Some friends advised me to download and install Clean Master app and move through it but I could not succeed.Yesterday I have contacted Iberry in their toll free number and had a detailed discussion with the customer care executive and thereafter sent an e-mail to them.Yet to get any positive feedback from them.The handset supports 64 GB of external memory and I’m presently using 32 GB memory card…..Only apps can be moved from phone memory to internal memory and vice versa. Please help me ……

    • Hi Amitava,

      I don’t think you can do anything about it mate unless some developer comes up with a guide to root and achieve that specific thing.

    • manoj

      Move the apps and other data through Back up and Restore menu. I did the same.

  • Dr Ram

    I am using the phone with its original Flip Cover.My overal score is 7 out of 10.Can any one tell about installing new live wallpaper which stops repeatedly without being installed?

    • What is the problem with the installation of live wallpaper? can you please elaborate more?

      • Dr Ram

        Not a single live wall paper can be set,always says “Unfortunately stopped”No Livewall paper by default not given by company except video wall paper.

        • Strange. None of the users have reported such error till now.

          • Dr Ram

            Yes ,it is a fact.Whats your opinion or experience on it?

        • leeman thomas

          ya i too have this same problem dr ram

  • Aloke Rai

    Hi Pawan
    I got my Nuclea X phone yesterday…Every thing is OK…I jst got a problm,,,,I am nt able to navigate my camera from Front to back…Initially there was a symbol for this…bt now there is no symbol being seen for this…The symbol for Panorama mode and smile mode is also missing now…I dn’t know wht happen…Pleae help…whethr I need to change setting or do i need to install some other APP…
    Aloke Rai

    • Hi Aloke,

      Must be some minor glitch in the software. Try doing a factory format/reset and see if it is still there.

      For a simple work-around, install Google camera app from play store.

    • Sourav Dey

      Take out ur battery and restart it a couple of times. It will be OK.

    • Santosh

      hey … u just need to reboot it

  • Arvind

    have using this AUXUS Nuclea X phone last 20 days this phone is getting very
    hot when i use camera or play game and also facebook application is not working
    sometimes whats app is also take long time to open same thing happen with my friend

    • Facebook app is reportedly having some issues with the iBerry Auxus Nuclea X. It has been reported by several users. There is perhaps no solution to it as of now. In the meantime, you can try installing older versions of Facebook app.

      Heating is presumably due to the multiple apps/games running in the background. Keep cleaning these apps as you close them.

  • MJ1230

    Dear Freinds
    I have Nuclea N1, purchased during Prebooking with my full excitement..
    Now I gave this phone to Service Center****SINCE 1 Month..
    Iberry dont have Spares now, due to spare shortage (its TOUCH SCREEN DISPLAY)..And they dont know when it may available..THINK**

    Iberry dont have its own Service Station. It is tied up with Local Mobile Repairing centers all over..
    Because of this, My phone’s Display had became FAULTY, and NOW Iberry saying they dont have spares..No TIMELINE Can Be given for repair..

    PHONE is in Warrenty, still they are not willing to give me a new phone..
    I am suffering now my day to day tasks due to this delay..also I can’t afford to buy new good phone. Pls let me know, if anybody knows how to escalate this on higher level..

    THINK TWICE to purchase THIS PHONE or PRODUCT ****

  • Randhir Singh

    Hi pawan, my phone just got switched off. And when I am starting, it shows some unusual language, may be chinese……how to restart the phone, pls suggest…..

    • Hi Randhir,

      You can try hard resetting your phone. This will wipe/delete everything from your phone.

      1. Turn off your phone.
      2. Press and hold volume up + power button for 10 to 15 seconds (preferably till you see an android symbol screen).
      3. Press power button again. This will get you into the stock android recovery.
      4. Press volume down button and highlight the option of “wipe data/factory reset”.
      5. Press power button to select.
      6. Again go down to the “yes” option and press power button to confirm your choice.

      This will hard reset your phone and the language as well.

  • Randhir Singh

    its directly came to : Select Boot Mode wit option Recovery Mode, Fast boot Mode and Normal boot but I am not able to select any option..the pointer is continously toggle between these three option

  • Randhir Singh

    Hi Pawan, Thanks for the suggestion, it works…….:)

  • Randhir Singh

    Hi Pawan, once again want to fix a issue with my Nuclea X. Again when I am starting my phone, the welcomes message is coming “get ready for the ride” but after that nothing is coming. please suggest….

  • Abhishek Agarwal

    Is there any way to root auxus nuclea x

  • Sebastian

    Hello Pavan, if you could help rebuild my iberry Nuclea X phone I would be very grate full for all the things mentioned there up is good enough, what if this fell from my hand slipped and broke the display and totally not able to work with it. If you could let me know the company phone number or address so as to send it there in CHENNAI, I would rather do is as soon as possible. I purchased in on the next day of their announcement but could not use it successfully. There is no service center at HYDERABAD hence asking you to help me out. Saw you page at DIGITBRUNCH. Hope you will do the needful. Thanks my email is sebsonik@gmail.com

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