Celkon A35K Review: The Cheapest Kitkat Smartphone

The cheapest phone with Android Kitkat, Celkon A35K has made a lot of buzz recently. The device has an amazing price tag of Rs 2999 only. While using this device I considered the fact that device is the cheapest Android kitkat phone which is not only affordable but also looks good. Lot of people were asking if the device is good enough to rely in our day to day lives which is full of calling messaging and using internet all the time. I finally got the device in hand and used it for few days. What are my thoughts ? Let’s begin…

Celkon A35K Review

Celkon A35K on SnapdealRs 2999

Celkon A35K Review


The first time I turned on the screen I was surprised, as I had this thing in mind that it is the cheapest Kitkat phone in market right now. The screen is good, the TFT capacitive touchscreen has good color production and saturation. I really appreciate the effort made by Celkon on this device in terms of display. Despite being cheap the display is good. The device has 3.5 inch display with resolution of 320 x 480 pixels resulting in165 ppi pixel density.

Build Quality and Hardware

The Celkon A35K resembles the look of HTC One. The speaker grills at top and bottom are broad, gives a premium look to the device. There are three capacitive buttons at bottom for navigation. The overall build quality is good considering its price. The device is 10.7mm thick and has height of 119mm, fits quite easily in small hands too. The device features micro sd card support up to 32GB. The form factor provided by Celkon is appreciable at this price bracket.

Processing Power and Gaming

The device has single core 1Ghz processor coupled with only 256MB RAM which is disappointing, but not to forget the price of the device, only Rs 2999. The device lags after every few hours of use. It feels like inconsistent, sometimes app opens quickly but sometimes it takes time, which is because of low primary memory. The limitation of this phone is that you can’t install lot of applications in this smartphone. You have be lean and mean, to use it efficiently. So, installing only essential apps is the key.

You will be able to play light weight games like angry birds, subway surfer, Temple run with frame drops. Don’t even think of playing other 3D games because you can’t. The device has very low processing power and is not enough to deliver performance while playing games or doing multitasking. Again, what do you expect from a smartphone priced at Rs 2999.


The software of Celkon A35K is quite simple and close to stock Android. Most of the things work well without any issues. Launcher lags sometimes when multiple apps are used simultaneously. The amount of free RAM after boot was 165MB which further reduced to 90MB when used for near about 1-2 hours. UI lags too while multitasking, but you can keep removing apps from recent apps screen which helps to increase the free memory. The phone has almost all apps which comes with stock Android. The overall experience is good with few glitches.


The 3.15MP camera of Celkon A35K is again good considering its price. The camera performs good in day light condition but gives awful results in low light. Surprisingly, it has front facing camera too. The quality of front facing camera is not good at all. Forget using it for video calls, but still it works with bad quality.

Battery Life

The battery life of Celkon A35 is above average. It lasts for a day with medium usage. The usage includes half hour of videos, 1 hour of music, 1 hour of chatting and 5-6 hours of wifi. There are no complaints about battery life whatsoever.

Connectivity and other features

The device has usual connectivity options like 3G, WLAN and Bluetooth. It also includes micro sd card slot for further expansion of memory. It does have a radio and also has accelerometer and proximity sensor. The device has 512MB of RAM but has option  to move apps to sd card. The only downside of the device is lack of GPS.

The device is aimed to provide smartphone features at the price of a feature phone, which Celkon A35K does deliver successfully. There is no other competitor in the market for this device which clearly makes it winner if you don’t want to spend some hefty amount of money.


  • Price
  • 3.5 inch display
  • Good looks


  • Low memory
  • Average camera
  • Lack of GPS

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