Asus ZenPower Review – A compact, highly attractive powerbank

Its raining power-banks in India. First, a Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi launched two variants of power-bank with extremely competitive pricing and powerful performance. It was subsequently followed by One Plus launching its own power-bank in black sandstone color which attracted criticism for pricing differently on two different occasions. In the meantime, various other manufacturer’s tried their luck by launching their own power-banks, however it failed as Mi Powerbank had already captured the initial market requirement. Asus probably felt leftout and tried launching its own power-bank ZenPower. If looks are to be considered, I would term it as mini version of Mi Powerbank with exact same design ethics.

Xiaomi’s powerbank had one big issue. It’s larger version i.e., 10400 MAh variant took 8-9 hours(probably even more than that) to charge from zero to hundred percent. Well what about Asus ZenPower? Does it take the same amount of time to charge itself? Let’s find out.

Design aspect of Asus ZenPower

As I said earlier, it is carbon copy of Mi Powerbank. In fact, if you take out 5200 mAh version and put it beside ZenPower, you would hardly find any differences. It has got four light indicators to let you know about the battery juice left in the powerbank. There is this large power button which controls the charging on/off toggle.  On the left, there are ports, one for input and another one for output.

Asus ZenPower

The other part/section of this powerbank has some information written including the total power which is 10050mAh. The Asus logo is right there in front.

ZenPower - Bottom section

Asus ZenPower is accompanied by a small charging cable which is approximately 15 cm long. The company doesn’t provide charging adapter and therefore you’ll have to use your own adapter to charge it.

Box content

  • Powerbank
  • Charging cable
  • Warranty manual and user guide

Colors make it different!

Asus ZenPower brings in five set of colors which are very vibrant. Asus provides protective sleeves which are important part of this product lineup. I always keep my powerbank in bag and therefore it is necessary to keep it protected from other objects. That’s when these sleeves are handy. It has got metal finish which is hard at the outer edges and what’s more interesting is the color availability.

Asus Zenpower

Asus ZenPower is available in black, silver, gold, blue and pink. Similarly, all those protective sleeves are available in similar set of colors.

It is these colors that make Asus Zenpower stand out from Mi Powerbank.


Performance is where Asus ZenPower delivers much better than most of the powerbanks in the market. It has got 5V/2A input which is directly proportional to the time required to charge it. In layman’s term, you’ll be able to charge this powerbank very quickly.

Asus ZenPower charging Nexus 5

When it comes to charging a smartphone, we had varied results which are fully dependable on the device you’re using. Asus Zenpower was able to charge –

  • Asus Zenfone 2 twice (and half)
  • iPhone 6 thrice
  • and Nexus 7 for more than once.


  • Excellent set of colors to choose from
  • Charges quickly
  • Compact

Can be improved

  • One USB port – At a time, it can charge one device only.

Conclusion –

I’ve put up strengths and weaknesses in front of you. I personally feel that having one more USB port would have made a lot of difference. In fact, Xiaomi and One Plus, both released their powerbanks with two output USB ports which gives them an upper edge. I’m hoping that Asus would come up with an update to this lineup (and they need to be quick this time).  Apart from it, the product is highly affordable and maintains quality standards. I really liked the idea of providing sleeves in different colors. It fulfills two important aspects i.e, attractive product design and protection.

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