Is Xiaomi and Flipkart playing with us? Mi3 out of stock in 5 seconds

5 seconds and it was gone! Yes, the Xiaomi’s newest launch in Indian market, Mi3 went on sale second time via Flipkart and in about 5 seconds the device was out of stock. Though the company might be celebrating with the fact that they have finally been able bring the craze about this smartphone, consumers were the ones who were suffering. First, they were suffering from the weird registration process. A registration process that doesn’t guarantee the device. It guarantees that you will get the fair chance of participating in sale and if you’re lucky enough, you might just get device ordered. Yes, the registration process shouldn’t have been there at all as it makes the whole process messy but what is also needed to be resolved is the stocks. After eagerly waiting for the 15 days for the second sale, consumers were expecting a good experience and that’s certainly hasn’t been the case today.

Events as they happened!

Xiomi Mi3 Out of Stock

Exactly at around 11.30 AM, I switched on my computer to try my luck at buying Mi3. I thought it would be quite easier as the company had already anticipated the response in its first sale that happened on 22nd July, 2014. In nearly 40 minutes, the device went out of stock in the first sale and anyone with a good sense would have known that the next response would be massive.

Instead of preparing for the next response, the company focused on getting the consumers registered for the sale and that’s where things went wrong. I kept the countdown page open for the next couple of hours. As the countdown ended, the buy button appeared and out of excitement, I click on it just to get the message that “something went wrong”. I clicked on try again and boom: the device went out of stock.

It was like couple of seconds into retrying and that wasn’t enough in getting the order placed.

Here’s the quick video that was recorded by Mayur Cheda showing exactly the same thing.

Now the question that comes to my mind is are these companies forcefully following this marketing stunt? Are they playing with the consumers?

Is Xiaomi and Flipkart playing with us?

From one point of view, it does seem like they are playing with us but that doesn’t look like the case. From the import data registered by the zauba, it is quite clear that Xiaomi and Flipkart did import 10000 units of Mi3. However, it is not quite clear that how many of these units were put on sale today. If the 10000 units were put on sale, it seems quite hard to digest the fact that all of these units were sold within 5 seconds. If that is not the case and if only few units were kept on sale, the second question arises is why only few units were kept on sale after anticipating the response in the first sale?

There are lot of question that needs to be answered and I sincerely request both to respond at the earliest. That is really the only way to keep the us calm at the moment.

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