WhatsApp is down! Yes, its not just you!

If you were hitting your modem hard and rebooting it again and again to connect your whats app then you’re mistaken. While I’m writing down this article, it has been almost more than 1 hour that WhatsApp is down. Yes, you’re not the only one who is having problem sending out and receiving messages or connecting to the server. The outage is GLOBAL.

Many users and friends started reporting to me that they were not able to send the messages. So, I went ahead to check it and interestingly, the news is true. When BGR tried to contact the company, they confirmed that they have acknowledged the problem and working on the solution. However, they didn’t mention any fixed timeline.

Update : The company has tweeted stating that the service is now back to normal. The tweet has been sent at around 4 o clock in the morning (IST) and that would make it a 4 hour long service outage.

WhatsApp Down - Not just you

It appears to me that this could be due to the issue of server overloading. Or perhaps is there something new on Mark’s mind? Are they planning to bring some changes in the WhatsApp? Time will tell us the story but till now let’s get back to the Facebook messenger and try our luck there.

Meanwhile, Facebook has recently bought WhatsApp for whopping $16 billion and according to the unconfirmed sources, Google even tried to offer more. Well, Facebook was able to get this package worth billions of dollars and people are already shouting at them.

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  • We just pray this development turns out well for whatsapp users because Facebook is just interested in how to make money and they don’t care about the users.

    • Pavan Bawdane

      I think that was a genuine outage. So, I would put down the speculations for now and pray with you. 😉

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