ParanoidAndroid releases first Lollipop builds for selected devices

It has been long awaited by many Android users; especially those who have been using custom ROMs in the past. Like for example, I have been using ParanoidAndroid ROM for most of the time. In fact, my current ROM is none other than Beta 6 iteration of ParanoidAndroid which is based on Android Kitkat. Even though the build was termed as Beta, everything about it was buttery smooth and usable for most of the part.

The time has come for users like me to finally checkout and update ourselves to Android Lollipop build. Announcing the same in blog post, ParanoidAndroid states that this early build is in alpha version and may be suitable for day to day use. The build perhaps might have some bugs and they would be removed as soon as possible. If you would like to give it a try, you can head over to the official ParanoidAndroid website’s download page and select your device to see if this early build is available for your phone or not.

The blog post also mentions that if an user is upgrading from Kitkat ROM, may that be stock or custom, he or she should first perform factory reset. The changelog/additions have been mentioned below –

ParanoidAndroid Lollipop Alpha Changelog

Paranoid Android 4.4.2 Kitkat Build

Paranoid Android 4.42 Kitkat Build

  • Android AOSP 5.0.2 Baseline update
  • Improvements to heads up notifications, including but not limited to disabling heads up interruptions completely.
  • Extended power menu
  • Quick unlock
  • CM12 Theme Engine
  • Volume panel animations added to suite with material design/animation.
  • Ability to skip songs using volume rocker buttons when the device is locked
  • Fixing small bugs and annoying things from AOSP

Paranoid Android quoted in blog post –

It’s been a long time, but we’re finally back and ready to start tasting some lollipops. To start our lollipop journey, we added some goodies to improve AOSP’s state along with some tiny and useful features for a sweat daily use. Lollipop has changed almost everything, and we must think with a different mindset in order to create new features that can provide meaningful improvements over stock while following material design. We’re on it, so don’t worry.

Devices Supported

  • OnePlus One – Bacon
  • Nexus 7 2013 4G – Deb
  • Oppo Find 7, Find 7S
  • Nexus 7 2013 WiFi – Flo
  • Nexus 9 – Flounder
  • Nexus 7 2012 – Grouper
  • Nexus 5 – Hammerhead
  • Nexus 4 – Mako
  • Nexus 10 – Manta
  • Nexus 6 – Shamu

The team has also put out some warnings for One Plus One users and Oppo users. The warning states that before flashing this build of ParanoidAndroid, it is recommended to flash latest CM12 nightly. The reason for this is bootloop issue and broken sensors which would only be fixed if necessary steps are followed. It is also recommended to use the in built kernel or any kernel with which you’re very sure that it won’t break theme engine whatsoever. Even if you give it a try and theme engine breaks, you can simply reflash this build and also install respective Google apps.

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