OnePlus announces general availability for “One”

It’s kind of a no-brainer to notice OnePlus and Xiaomi competing head-to-head for the Indian smartphone market pie with their aggressive pricing and unique selling strategies. While Xiaomi is well-known for its flash sales model, OnePlus has become nearly synonymous with its invite-based selling model. Now when Xiaomi has dropped its traditional flash sales model and has gone to “easy availability” mode via Snapdeal and Amazon, how could OnePlus resist itself? In its latest move OnePlus has also announced that now OnePlus One will always be available without the need of invites at Amazon. Until now company has held such sales only for a few hours, but now finally this device will be available without any time limit until it’s discontinued from the market.

That’s not the only part of story. OnePlus has also announced that it’ll soon be launching  a successor of its wildly successful “One” smartphone dubbed OnePlus 2. According to the press release that company issued recently, the general availability of current model will give a lot of insights to company about the market as it prepares itself for the launch of OnePlus 2 in the third quarter of this year, once again with an invite-based system! I’m sure you’ll be saying “Yikes!” now!

So don’t be overly excited – they’re not going to drop their cute, little, home-developed invite based system for the whole lineup – not anytime soon at least! This is just for the sake of learning and for clearing the stocks of existing stuff for lining up the new stuff. They won’t drop their current system that easily. After all, this system made them successful and popular in India! Of course, pricing was also a big reason behind their popularity, but their invite based sales system also gave rise to the popularity of company in India to a point at which invites were being sold! When you attain such a level of popularity, people start getting a perception that you must be offering some great deal of value for which others are going crazy. And that’s what maintained the momentum of sales for OnePlus One.

If you wish you can buy the OnePlus One by visiting its Amazon page or you can wait until company releases its successor in the third quarter. But remember, in second case once again availability will be very scarce and there’re good chances that you may not be able to get your hands on the new device for several weeks as it happened with One.

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