OnePlus 2 to be launched on July 27, first virtual reality launch

OnePlus never fails to surprise. After success of One it’s no surprise that people are excitedly awaiting the next smartphone launch from this tiny company, but the way in which company has decided to make it memorable came as a shocking surprise recently. OnePlus has decided to push the boundaries once again by making the bold decision of launching OnePlus 2 in what will be world’s first virtual reality based product launch event.

Another notable thing lies in the name. Unlike the name of their first flagship product “One” this time they’ve preferred a numeric way of writing the name. They’re writing it “OnePlus 2” instead of “OnePlus Two”. That’s not any big deal though, as verbally there comes no difference to the name.

Rumors about the specifications of this smartphone have already been causing a stir in tech community from quite sometime. And while OnePlus fans want to get this new shiny thing as soon as possible, their wait may last a little bit longer as OnePlus has chosen a launch date that falls in the last week of July. Company’s founder and CEO Carl Pei recently announced in a post on official OnePlus forums that OnePlus 2 will be launched on July 27 in world’s first VR based product launch. Those who want to experience the launch event can order a VR cardboard from company’s site, which has been designed specifically for the event.

In same post Pei said about OnePlus Cardboard that although he and his team likes other Cardboards out there, still they saw some room for improvement so they decided to design them for scratch for the event. You can order one for yourself from company’s official Cardboard page for free – all you’ll have to pay for is shipping. The Cardboard page says that these cardboards are not any product for OnePlus and company isn’t making any money from them – they’ve just been launched to kick-start a new initiative in tech space.

It’s great to see that a tiny startup took the courage of leading such an experiment in the industry. If this works out well for OnePlus, we may see more launch events happening this way. The company has an opportunity of pioneering a big change in the industry – a truly bold and outstanding change of standards that can open the doors of several new possibilities in other industries as well.

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