HTC hints at dual rear camera in the “All New HTC One”

All New HTC One with dual camera

Even after the leaked video of HTC M8 aka the “All New HTC One”; HTC’s social media marketing team has released a new teaser image showcasing the power of two. This certainly points the finger at the possibility of phone housing a dual rear camera. The image released by these folks showcases items in pairs with the tagline stating “Life is about to become twice as beautiful. Coming March 25th.”

Well, it is pretty much obvious that the company is referring to the dual camera that this phone is expected to have. Though we are still looking at the advantages of using dual rear camera, it is very much clear that the phone will have an exceptional camera. According to the Corephotonics; a company that produces dual lens camera mentioned that such camera is helpful in capturing the photos with better zooming capabilities. It will also allow control over the depth of field after clicking the respective photo.

The Nokia Lumia series running windows phone operating system are equipped with the beautiful camera and an awesome set of photo-centric apps. With the “All New HTC One”, it seems that Android will once again have the best camera through this phone.

[A tweet from HTC]

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