Google stops sales and development of Project Glass

It’s an unexpected ending of a product that created enough hype just one year ago. When Google made its big step into the world of wearable technology with Google Glass, the world went crazy about it. For one year Project Glass attracted a lot of media and public attention around the globe. But who knew at that time that whole project will have to be shut down after one year! But it has happened.

Google tried hard enough to make Glass available publicly in the market, but due to sophisitication of its technology and usage, company couldn’t ever get it out of the prototype stage. The public perception of its looks, its usage and its hefty price tag all contributed to the problem and made it worse. Due to these reasons, its development couldn’t ever lead to a final design despite the hard work of development team. As a result, Google has officially stopped the sales and development of current Explorer Edition of Glass. Company has, however, stated that it’s committed to bringing smart glasses to the consumer marketplace and the future versions of smart glasses will be developed by a separate entity that Google will set up for the project. But for now, the sales and development have been put on hold.

Google ends sales and development of Project Glass

Google ends sales and development of Project Glass

This is certainly a disappointing news for every buyer of Google Glass. Today company sent out an email to all such buyers, whom it refers to as “Explorers” and thanked them for being a part of the journey. In email company said that it’s putting the sales and development of current Explorer Edition on hold to focus on the future of next version of Glass. Explorers (buyers)can, however, email questions, thoughts and feeback about the project at anytime to Google.

The future of Glass is still foggy, but here’s what we can expect for now: the current development team lead by Ivy Ross will step out of Google and will shift to an indipendent entity that will be set up for the project, and will report to Tony Fadell, the CEO of Nest, which Google acquired last year.

But the two big questions standing like strong pillars after this announcement are:

  • Will the promise of a “future of Glass” help buyers in quelling their frustration?
  • Is there still really a future for Glass?

Only a buyer who bought Google Glass despite its hefty price tag can answer these questions. If you’re one of them, please sound your thoughts in the comments section below.

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