Flipkart building a special team to handle ‘Big Billion Day’ like traffic

For a webmaster, there are two main tasks that are considered very important with first being managing massive traffic on their website and second being proper maintenance of that traffic without any technical glitches. Webmaster team at Flipkart is able to deal with the first task but they usually fail at the second one. Every time when Flipkart is about to gather millions of people at the same time (like during Big Billion Day sale) then their arrangements seem to fluctuate. To ensure every next massive traffic day at Flipkart.com official website is handled well without any fluctuations, Flipkart officials are looking to prepare a quality team. This quality team will be solely responsible for meeting all the technical standards to handle immense web traffic and thus ensure end-user experience at the portal.

According to a report published in livemint, Srivalli Arkalgud has been appointed as Senior Manager to ensure technical quality in every aspect and fix every glitch which is hurting user experience at the e-commerce portal.

During the October 6th Big Billion Day, all important and quality steps were taken and the team was prepared to handle massive traffic which was unusual than normal but the number of users flew towards the portal were completely unexpected which caused glitches.

Seems to be learning from past!

These quality concerns started from the Big Billion Day which forced the officials of Flipkart to write an apology letter to all of its users about the bad experience they had during the day. But this wasn’t the first time as I had personally found the portal being crashed (also during sale time of Xiaomi and Motorola devices).

Big Billion Day Failure

Now the team being prepared will work specifically to improve the code of the website first and optimize it for speed and other quality standards while officials are also in talk with best companies which offer professional cloud based hosting solutions, indeed to omit all the fluctuations during peak times. They are also in talk with Google to use its Cloud Services to keep the e-commerce portal continuing during peak time.

Srivalli Arkalgud has been hired from Intuit (software developing company) and straightly offered the post of Manager with a dedicated team to convert this verbal dream into reality.

Competitors might help!

Flipkart should learn from IRCTC which is able to handle twice of the traffic as of Flipkart on daily basis in spite of being a government driven portal. IRCTC is already reported looking for a partner to bring cash out of the immense traffic it got.

While Amazon is already sailing safe even at high traffic (because of its own web services), it is really important for Flipkart to try such things and make them work as soon as feasible. Otherwise Indian user may find Amazon better in every aspect.

Flipkart, either take tips from IRCTC or opt for Amazon Web Services!

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