Flip phones aren’t dead, LG launches flip phone with Android Lollipop

It was one of the most popular phone factor during its time. They ruled the phone market once. Well, I’m not talking about any smartphones here which are nowadays loaded with a single touch screen and three buttons which are most of the times on-screen. Before this, there was time when smartphone used to have different shape, size and most importantly they had their own elegant looks. It seems to me that LG has just got nostalgic about one such form factor. They have announced a new device with the flip form factor and what’s more is they have loaded it with Android Lollipop. LG is bringing it all back with the launch of LG Gentle which accompanies flip form factor.

This phone is equipped with 3.2 inch LCD touch enabled display with 480×320 pixels resolution. Well, some of you might have also noticed the resolution. This 480×320 resolution is history now however, it seems perfectly fine on this flip phone. It is also loaded with 1.1 GHz quad core processor, LTE connectivity, Android 5.1 Lollipop, 4 GB of internal storage and 1 GB of RAM. The internal storage can further be expanded to up to 32 GB.

LG Gentle Flip Phone Render

LG Gentle Flip Phone Render

The battery capacity stands at 1700 mAh which seems pretty decent considering the form factor and the kind of market it has been primarily focused at.

I agree that specifications aren’t that hardcore and that’s totally understandable. The phone is expected to cost around $170 and we aren’t yet sure about the availability of it outside South Korea. I don’t really think it would make its way in US or European market for the time being.

Looking at the way it has been launched, I believe it is primarily useful for the elderly people who still find it hard to use Android touch screen phones. Off course it is hard to get used to it and you’ll understand it once you look at it from their perspective. Look at it this way – You’re using a device with all buttons and suddenly you’re asked to use a phone with absolutely no buttons. That sounds crazy to me at least. Nevertheless, I’ll hold my breath and see if it actually sees a ray of light outside South Korea. (source – LG Korea)

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