DigitBrunch 2.0 – relaunched, revamped

Its been quite so far at DigitBrunch. I remember writing my last blog post sometime in October 2015 as I was preparing myself for higher education. I wanted to be more focused on studies, and that was the only reason I decided to stop writing. It wasn’t easy to give up on a blog that I’ve been nurturing like a small kid especially when we were performing so well. This is when we started doing video reviews of different gadgets from companies such as Acer, Asus and Intex. Just when we were making our way, I had to quit.

From the day I stopped writing up until today, I always thought of restarting this blog altogether. As I’m nearing my graduation, I feel that I’ll be able to devote more time and therefore, I’ve decided to revamp DigitBrunch by mid December. I’m not sure about how successful it will be, but I must give it a shot. However, one thing I’m pretty sure about is the loyal reader base that we have had so far. Even during its maintenance time (I took this blog down for about 10 days), we have had about 20+ more readers subscribing to our newsletter. This is when the entire blog is completely down. The Facebook page of DigitBrunch is still going strong. It has about 720+ likes and it keeps growing. All these numbers are promising and they will definitely keep my moral high as we transition ourselves towards a new revamped blog.

Announcement – DigitBrunch 2.0

Today, I’m announcing the relaunch of DigitBrunch (calling it DigitBrunch 2.0). I’ve revised the set of topics that we will cover. They include space news and gadget reviews in addition to the usual tech stuff (android, linux, windows etc). You can still go through this about section if you want to know more about DigitBrunch.

One last thing.. the transition is expected to be completed by the end of December. So, if you see something that’s not right, get back to us and we can improve upon that.

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