Nokia’s New Hope: Asha 501

Nokia just proved the world that they still have stern power hidden underneath their sleeves as they launched the latest Nokia- Asha 501 in New Delhi, India. The latest Asha series is claimed to be the start of Nokia’s redesigning era and growing market share not only in smartphone category, but also in affordable smart feature phones offering, smartphone like features clubbed with great styling and extremely fresh UI.

Nokia Asha 501

Reviewing what Nokia has in store for us; Will Asha 501 prove to be the strongest hope Nokia has in the sub Rs. 6000 category or the shining android outcast eye-catching colorful Asha 501?

Introduction to Nokia Asha 501

The Asha 501 is an entry-level smart-feature phone that offers dual-SIM capabilities, 3.2MP camera, 40 EA Games, standby time of upto 48 hours. Nokia has made a buzz by revealing that this candy would offer a 17 hours of talktime, which is actually brilliant (if it’s true :D)


The Nokia Asha 501 seems like a younger sibling to the famous Lumia Series. It has taken the form feature that shares some similar personality to a Lumia series. With single button operations much like the iPhone, the Asha 501 comes in beautiful 5 colors, namely, Black, White, Blue, Red and Yellow

Touch Screen

The screen is very quick to respond and the virtual keypad works perfectly fine.  What’s more beautiful is the new way to unlock the device. Just double tap the phone and the screen gets unlocked.

Build Quality

What hasn’t changed is the build quality. It still lets you drop and pick the phone build quality, with lots of wear and tear and the phone still works fine. We have known this about Nokia phones from quite some time now.

Fastlane UI

The Asha 501 runs on the latest Asha dais which hosts brilliant innovations. The artificial intelligence based UI – Fastlane, which acts as a history based user interface for users to view how the phone was used, whether it’s a social media update or mail sent through Gmail, it will be there up in the menu. Also, the phone works on the principle on Lumia graphic interface, the phone browsing is too fast and doesn’t give a single lag.

New Browser

Another thing Nokia introduces is the Xpress browser. The phone compresses 90% of the data while browsing, which empowers increase in internet speed.

Nokia is also assuring a free Facebook usage on the Asha 501 which is something really exciting and help them catch the attention youths.

Nokia Asha 501 Checklist:

  • Colorful Phones: Checked
  • Fresh, Responsive and Fast UI: Checked
  • Good Battery Life: Checked
  • Apps: Checked
  • Free Facebook: Checked
  • Satisfactory Camera: Checked
  • Dual SIM: Checked

Once the Asha 501 is out in the market, Nokia will definitely prove its muscles in the market. The challenge would be to outcast the budget android phones. So far the phone looks good on papers and initial review but ultimately the consumer is the king.

We are looking forward to Nokia Asha 501 to cast its spell to mid range/entry-level buyers.

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