5 Ways in Which You Can Avoid Virus to Enter into Your Smartphone

Smartphones are the most vulnerable to the virus attacks since we don’t really take those extra precautions to keep it safe. There are bunch of articles that are present on how you can avoid virus entering into your smartphone but this article takes a different approach. In this article, we will secure your smartphone on the basic level. Why? That’ because the probability of virus entering into your smartphone is much more than it’s thought while carrying out these basic tasks and therefore it’s must to follow them to keep virus out of your smartphone.

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Avoid Virus to Enter Into Your Smartphone

Avoid Virus to Enter Into Smartphone

Apps Download

Almost all of the mobile operating system offers an app store for their users to download latest apps. However, there are good number¬†of mobile operating system which don’t allow app installations externally. While, those who offer app installations externally are immune to catching up with malware or virus. So, what are the things that you should keep in mind for this point?

  • You should download the apps from respective app store.
  • You should never install app externally.
  • You should always check for the permissions that an app requires.
  • You should always read reviews before downloading apps.

There are numerous anti-virus software available in market which scans each respective application once you’ve installed.

Internet Browsing

You got to be super careful while browsing internet with bare hands. Well, what I meant is, you should never click on spam links. These links are most probably equipped with spyware and malware (and sometimes virus). Be aware that when you download certain files from the internet, you’re not aware of what type of code it may have. It’s better to be on safer side rather than wishing yourself luck for not downloading virus.

Once again, the solution to this problem is to download trusted anti-virus software from respective marketplace.

E-mail attachments

I know most of the leading email service providers offers virus scanning program so that you will have to be less careful about what you’re downloading through attachments. But that’s for the leading email service providers. There are quite a few providers who don’t really offer any virus protection against attachments. So, how you should protect yourself?

  • Make sure that the email received is from the trusted sender.¬†
  • Don’t respond to the emails claiming you to be the winner.
  • There are these type of emails which claims you to be the winner of coca cola event, random telephone no. and so on.
  • In fact, some spammers go ahead and send emails composed of last wishes of old ones who are interested in transferring money in your bank account. Just tell them to send cash on your physical address ;).

PC-USB Connection

We connect our smartphone to the PC via USB cable for various reasons and that’s where you put your device in danger. All the malware, spyware and viruses residing on your computer for the months would get an easy path to enter into your smartphone. What can you do to avoid this?

  • Install some trusted anti-virus software on your computer.
  • Scan your computer for viruses periodically.

Bluetooth ON/OFF

You wouldn’t wanna keep your Bluetooth connection on especially when you’re not being asked about the incoming connection request. Nearly, each mobile device is equipped with Bluetooth and therefore it is one of the best ways of attacking smartphones. Not all anti-virus protection software provides the facility of monitoring your Bluetooth association and therefore please ensure that you’re getting this facility before making a purchase.

Final Words

In the closing words, I would like to tell you that – please don’t keep your confidential data such as credit card details and account details in your smartphone. I’m sure you know why I’m telling this. Just keep these details somewhere on your computer and lock it away with the help of software.

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