How to Remove MS Office/Word/Excel Shortcuts from Linux

We all know that wine is the best application available when it comes to running down windows apps on the Linux. However, the wine software isn’t fully usable yet and somehow it can be tedious to remove the shortcuts created via wine. Same is the case with the installation of MS Office 2007 (includes Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc). When I first installed MS Office 2007 via wine, I was thrilled to experience the easy portability offered by the wine. However, at the end of the day, when I tried running MS Excel, I had some problems and I decided to ditch MS Office. That is when things went crazy.

Initially, I tried uninstalling software from the wine’s own add/remove program utility. Now, before getting into the advance method of removing the MS Office/Word/Excel Shortcuts from Linux, you should try out this simple technique.

Wine Add Remove Program Utility

The wine’s add remove utility is shown in the image above. So, once you’ve started it up, you can select the respective program and click on modify/remove button. This will help you in uninstalling the applications which you’ve installed to run via wine. In my case, the utility failed/didn’t help me a lot and I had to search for an alternative method which I will explaining in detail.

How to Remove MS Office/Word/Excel Shortcuts from Linux

How to Remove MS Office Word Excel Shortcuts from Linux

If the shortcuts that were created during the installation of the windows programs through wine are still there in you app drawer or desktop, you should follow this method.

Please be aware that there shouldn’t be any extra spaces in path unless it is mentioned. Also, take an extra care when writing down the path like $HOME/.

  • Open up terminal from the app drawer on your Linux.
  • Type in the following command:
    rm -rf $HOME/.wine
  • This will remove the .wine directory from the Home folder. It is set to hidden in the Home folder and you can toggle the visibility by pressing CTRL + H when you’re in home folder. Once you’ve ran the command, it will delete the directory and you’ll not see it in the listing even after making it visible.
  • Now, you’ll need to run four more commands which are given below.
    rm -f $HOME/.config/menus/applications-merged/wine*
    rm -rf $HOME/.local/share/applications/wine
    rm -f $HOME/.local/share/desktop-directories/wine*
    rm -f $HOME/.local/share/icons/????_*.xpm
  • The above commands will definitely remove the MS Office/Word/Excel Shortcuts from Linux.

Please note that this process may not work if you’re using a fairly older version of the wine. In that case, you can update the wine version to latest and follow the process.

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