Geary 0.10 launched, here’s how you can update Geary on Ubuntu

Your email management experience on Ubuntu is set to become more exciting. Geary, the well-known email client for Linux, has recently been updated to version 0.10, and needless to say that it has become much more smarter and feature-rich this time.

The latest update is a major milestone towards the goal of final 1.0.0 release. Yorba, the developer of Geary, is recommending every user to upgrade to the latest version to be a part of this journey.

Several new features have been added to the platform and some of the major ones are given below:

  1. Now you’ll be able to “Undo” Archive, Move or Trash,
  2. New keyboard shortcuts to navigate between conversations (“j” for previous conversation and “k” for next one),
  3. Choice of 2-column and 3-column based layout with a new split headerbar,
  4. A full-text search algorithm that’ll return more relevant results with each search,
  5. Support for multiple email accounts,
  6. Updated language translations,
  7. Numerous bug fixes and optimizations,
  8. And much more.

While the latest version is available for download as source code that can be complied from GNOME Git, it’s kind of a no-brainer to call it “hassle.” But you don’t need to worry, because Digitbrunch has got you covered. In this article we’re going to teach you how can you upgrade to the latest Geary app on your Ubuntu. Given below is the simple three-step process:

  • The official Yorba PPA of latest app comes with latest version of Geary along with latest versions of Shotwell photo manager and California calendar. You can install the latest version of Geary easily by adding this PPA to your Ubuntu’s Software Sources, but keep in mind that by doing this the pre-installed versions of Shotwell and California apps will also get updated.
  • Now if you’re all set to update the apps mentioned in previous step, you may proceed towards adding Yorba PPA to the Software Sources of you Ubuntu computer. Just open a terminal window and type the following commands carefully:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yorba/ppa

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install geary

  • Once typed, hit return/enter. You’ll be prompted to enter your password and once you give it the app will be updated for you to the latest version.

After installation finishes successfully you can navigate to your desktop environment’s app launcher to try the new Geary app. Just click the Geary icon, add your accounts and enjoy everything that has been changed to improve your email experience.

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