Why And How Self Motivation is Necessity?

Life is about ups and downs, which gives you the crystallized intelligence and it only comes from the lifelong experience. You cannot deny, avoid or ignore them and no matter what, We have to face them somehow. Sometimes it is easy to forget and move on and sometimes it is not. There is not instant solution either. So, what should we do? Stay back, get depressed and think that everything will be fine because after every bad moment, good time will arrive? If I were to answer this question, I would say “No”, we should not. Life is like a challenge and the adventure begins when we start accepting those challenges. There is nothing that can make you to sit back and suffer. You have to take responsibility of yourself and stand still against the odd winds. The only thing that can make you to adhere to your goals and principle is “Self Motivation“.

Why And How Self Motivation is Necessity ?

Some quotes about reality and motivation:

The way you think definitely reflects to your lifestyle. So, why not think positive and something which can result in good output ? According to Stephen Richards:
“Reality is a projection of your thoughts or the things you habitually think about.”
And another line which is enough to prove the point:
“Our way of thinking creates good or bad outcomes.”

There might be thousands of reasons to get frustrated and sad but you can find thousand reasons to stay positive, focused and motivated. Remember, being positive will cost you nothing but depression may not only force you to take wrong decisions, but also affects your health. So, why not fill some confidence, positive thoughts and robust energy within yourself to break through the walls of grief and depression. 

So, to conclude the topic, I would say, self-motivation is key to success. I will be writing about how to get motivated and how you can initiate this on your own in future articles. Stay tuned…..

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