3 Dots of Success

Success has random phenomenon, it comes and goes, it may stay, but that totally depends on you. So, you can control the randomness. But how to achieve it? How can you make success to walk towards you? You can read many books to achieve success and get motivated. But are they enough to give you success? If it was possible, everyone would be successful in their respective fields. Actually, it is not hard to be successful. But what matters is that, where and how to invest your time,  hard-work and mind. So, today you are going to read three dots to achieve success. These dots are nothing but way to step forward towards success. These three dots make a triangle and there are many hurdles between these dots. You can join three dots to get a triangle, but it needs a lot of pressure on these three points. So, if you work on these three points you will ensure the first transformation needed to achieve success.


3 Dots of Success

Leave the Nest:

Success never comes from luxury

If you think you will work hard at home and get success, forget it. It is never going to happen. It is like a trade-off. To achieve the target you have to lose something. And luxury is the first thing you should get rid of. This will help you to work hard and move ahead on your own. Eventually, it will develop experience and potential for you, which is going to stay with you whenever you need it.

Realize and Improvise:

Don’t let others to judge you, judge yourself

Do not listen to other opinion about you. Develop your own opinion. People only criticize your abilities and try to push them down because either they are your competitor or your foes. Start analyzing your thoughts, what you did right and what you did wrong and how can you correct the mistakes. Rate your abilities, at first it might be wrong but implementing this activity in your habit will help you to get accuracy. Listening to other’s remarks might let you down and blow your confidence but if you realize and improvise, you will become confident and feel good about yourself.

Question yourself:

How I am going to do it?

You should keep asking yourself “How I am going to achieve my target?”, and that’s it, you don’t have to do anything else. But how this is going to benefit you? Well, it is one of the best therapies by which you can directly make your mind more concentrated, focused and leaned. This should be done frequently every time your minds gets out of thoughts or when you get free from other tasks. After some time your mind will start throwing answers about how you can achieve your target and you will start to plan your future.

So, if you can make these dots and join them, I am quite sure that you will definitely start progressing towards your aim. Try it, all the best…

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