5 Best Keyboards for iPhone and iPad

Apple already has a tradition of launching better-than-ever products every year, but this years’ iOS release was truly significant and more important than others that took place till now. Many things happened for the first time this year. For example, for the first time company launched an iPhone with display larger than 5-inches… first time company entered the watch business… and more importantly, for the first time company opened iOS keyboard to third party keyboard developers for business!

Till now it wasn’t possible, but now iOS users can enjoy third party keyboards on their devices. And although Apple’s own keyboard is now more smarter with QuickType, still if you want to give a shot to some awesome third party keyboards on your iOS devices then we’d like to take you through our list of top 5 keyboards for iPhone and iPad:

Best Keyboards for iPhone and iPad


SwiftKey for iOS 8

SwiftKey for iOS 8

UK-based keyboard maker SwiftKey has a significant name in the game of keyboards. It’s in business since 2008 with its machine learning software, so needless to say that it claims its word prediction engine to be superior than Apple’s. Its prediction engine learns from your typing habits and offers suggestions based on them right above the keys. Better yet, it’s free!


Swype keyboard

Swype for iOS 8

It was the first keyboard that launched finger-dragging based input method in which you can type a word by simply dragging your fingers on the keyboard from letter to letter (known as Swyping in the lingo of this keyboard). Now this method may not necessarily be the easiest wayoftyping for all of us, but it’s worth giving a shot at least.


Fleksy keyboard

Fleksy for iOS 8

This keyboard claims to have the typing-speed records! It brims with confidence in its ability of understanding what you meant to type, not what you actually typed. And if you think that it only uses an ultra-modern auto-correction algorithm for this purpose then I would like to tell you that you’re wrong. Of course a great auto-correction algorithm is there in place, but in addition to that it also supports gestures for swapping the words with alternative spellings, deleting words and so on. And it’ll also please your eyes if you’re bored with that dark or light color scheme of keyboards – you can customize it heavily with colors of your choice.


Keymoji keyboard

Keymoji for iOS 8

This keyboard suggests emojis based on what you type in the place where word suggestions are shown by other keyboards. Needless to say that it’s meant for those who use emojis more frequently than others during conversations. For others it may be… yes, you expected right – annoying!

Myscript Stack

Stack keyboard

Myscript Stack for iOS 8

And finally, my favorite one. This keyboard is based on handwriting recognition. You draw the characters on screen and this keyboard enters them in text field. Insanely helpful if you want to type in any other language than English, but I feel typing with it nice even when I’m typing in English. If you want to type in any other language then it has support for characters of more than 58 languages!

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