Why blackberry was lagging behind ?

Blackberry is one of those companies which dared of thinking differently. BlackBerry made its own reputation in smartphone world and has been trusted among the professionals. Formally known as RIM (Research in Motion), Blackberry made its traces in 1999, when they released email pager. Everything was going in favor of Blackberry until iOS and Android came in to the market and took the lead. The company started struggling since 2008 and this made RIM to change the strategies and everything about the smartphones to competitive level. They made some big changes in recent times and released new OS BlackBerry OS10 with new handsets. But the sales are still not enough to hold the market against the competitors like Android, iOS and Windows phone.┬áThe second financial quarter of 2013 was quite disappointing for BlackBerry and sold only 6.8 million handsets which is inferior to Nokia’s “Lumia” model only. Blackberry also hinted that they are looking for buyer. So, what is wrong with Blackberry ? They launched new OS, new hardware and many renewed the strategies to compete in the market. Here are the five factors which are affecting the sales of Blackberry.

5 Main reasons why Blackberry was lagging behind

Why blackberry is lagging behind

Gesture thing isn’t working

Though, Gestures are supposed to be a future thing, blackberry doesn’t utilized it in a better way. Current generation blackberry phones needs gestures to go to home, multitask and open the blackberry hub. They are sill kind of typical for normal users. Hardware keys, sofkeys or on screen keys would have been great.

Apps always matters

The total number of apps in Blackberry store is merely about a 100 thousand, comparing to Android and iOS which are soon going to touch 100 million apps milestone. This is the main concern of consumers that how much they can utilize from their smartphones ? And total number of available apps affects the decision of customers to lean towards iOS or Android. However, quantity is not always superior to quantity. But blackberry needs more developers to make growth of their app store.

Marketing strategy is not enough

Marketing strategy is one of the most important part of selling a product. If a company makes superior products and doesn’t promote it well, the result will be poor. Blackberry should take a note from Samsung and Apple about how to promote the product in market. Good marketing strategy will lead to good overall results.

Revolutionary hardware is the key

So many manufacturers making great products now a days like HTC One, which is combination of beauty and power. Second, Samsung Galaxy S4, which is very comfortable to hold even with 5 inch display. Nexus 4, which has both side gorilla glass. So many smartphones are available with different hardware. But what Blackberry has done with new BB OS 10 devices ? I would say nothing revolutionary. Blackberry has to release some good smartphones with top notch hardware to hold the market against the other manufacturers.

Pricing always plays an important role

Combination of nice hardware and software is not enough. Pricing which attracts customers is the most important part of marketing strategy. The current devices from Blackberry are overpriced. Maintaining the balance between quality and pricing is essential for the success of product.

If Blackberry want to remain steady in the smartphone race, they have to take care about all these factors. Comment below about what you think about new Blackberry strategies and smartphones.

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