How to Get Back Old Twitter Design

Twitter has just made some changes in web layout in terms of functionality and design. New design is kind of flat and based on light color scheme which seems a bit dull for some users. I have sort of mixed feeling for this UI and I myself changed the UI with some tweaks and extensions. So, lets see how we can do that.

Here’s the final before and after output after following this guide on how to get back old twitter design.


How to Change Twitter's New Design to Get Back Old

How to Change Twitter's New Design to Get Back Old 2

How to get back old Twitter design

  • First, Install the extension from respective browsers  ChromeSafari or Firefox store.
  • Now, go to the settings of extension and click “write new style.”
  • just paste the code from here to the code area.
  • Now, make changes to the “applies to” setting and select “URLs starting with” and then write “” in the text box.
  • provide any name for the style like “Twitter” and save it.
  • Enjoy all new look of twitter.

Warning: You have to follow the steps carefully, otherwise theme may not work. If something goes wrong, just uninstall the extension and start over.

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