Facebook is down for many users. You’re not alone!

As we write about the story, it seems that Facebook is suffering from the massive outage across the globe. The social networking site is down from the last 10 minutes and nobody knows why. If you load the website on your browser, you will see a Facebook error page being shown to you. Apparently, it is not just the facebook website, but even the iOS and android apps for Facebook are unable to fetch the news feed.

Just about ten minutes ago, I tried opening Facebook on my browser and I received this Facebook error mentioning “Sorry, something went wrong”. It does not show any further details except the usual sentence saying “We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can.” In addition to the website access, many of our readers as well as twitter users are reporting the inability of the Facebook app to load news feed. The users are either getting the network issue which ulitmately resulting in feed being stuck. While some of the users are able to login into their Facebook account, they are getting the error message as they navigate to the another page within Facebook.

Facebook is down

If you’re lucky enough to open the homepage, you would most probably not be able to move any further.

In order to check if the third part apps are working or not, we tried opening the developer page but it seems that it is also throwing the same kind of error. As of now, we are not aware of the third party apps have also been affected or not but the it is likely that they would also be unable to load the feed. If any of our reader can confirm this in the comments, it would be great.

Facebook App Down

While it is not clear why the Facebook is down, I think it would be better to just get back to work and leave Facebook alone for the moment.

[second image credits – androidcentral]

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