Microsoft announces Surface 3 Pro: Tablet that can replace a laptop

While Microsoft is running high on the huge success of creating a buzz on Windows Phone 8.1, past Wednesday was again a huge day for Microsoft. It was a day when Microsoft announced a high aspiration product – The Microsoft Surface 3 Pro.  This has been a power show by Microsoft targeting each and every competitor in the industry. While the Windows Phone 8.1 was introduced to kill huge market share of Android and iOS devices, the Surface 3 Pro targets as the huge existing tablet industry.

Surface pro 3

The latest Surface has been pitched in the market as the only tablet which has the power to replace your laptop, which ideally means a direct attack Mac Book Air. The Surface 3 Pro also comes with a super premium pen, which at launch seemed to be far more premium than what rival Samsung uses in their Tab Series. We must acknowledge this from a company like Microsoft which is trying to create a huge market buzz not only with their software innovations but with Hardware Innovations as well.

Let’s take a more closer on how Surface 3 Pro is better than the earlier versions and how it heats up the environment.

Microsoft Surface 3 Pro: Closer Look

Product Outlook

Microsoft has been known for their built quality. We have seen the initial product range of Surface from Microsoft and Surface 3 is no different. It give you a very premium feel, feels solid and well built. There are no gaps, no plastic scratchy sounds. Overall the product feels very nice while you hold it in hand, it gives you that pricey feel and a decent uphill talking point in your peer group.

Surface-3 Keyboard and Pen

Surface-3 Keyboard and Pen

Talking about the weight, the Surface 3 Pro is little heavier from the regular premium tablets like iPad or the Note 10.2 understanding the features it brings to us, I don’t think anyone of us would have any issues carrying this along. Also on the other hand, it is much lighter the many of the feature rich laptops in the market.

  1. Kickstand: The stand of Surface Pro 3 has gone miles ahead of its predecessor. It gives you infinite angles to position your tablet. Unlike the earlier generations where you had just one or two angles to position, Surface 3 Pro gives you unlimited possibilities
  2. Pen: Good thing first, it’s really fast, very accurate and feels good while working on. Bad thing, Unlike Samsung Tab (premium) series, there is no place to fit this Pen in the device.Clicking on the Pen opens up One Note, which means that note taking or shortnotes would never ever be a problem. The size of the pen has been researched thoroughly that everything that makes a part of this Pen is of a perfect size.
  3. Battery Life: Microsoft claims that the battery life of the product can last upto 9 hours under standard conditions, which I think would not last more than 6 hours.
  4. Front Facing Speakers: Delightful is one word which can express these front facing speakers on the latest Surface Device. It follows the style introduced in home brand (Nokia) 2520 tablet, excellent sound quality and powerful speakers is what Microsoft claims
  5. Screen Resolutions: 2160 X 1440 resolution is something which is super HD, super clear and super neat. Even the smallest tiniest of things would be crisp clear in viewing.
  6. 3:2 Screen Ratio: Microsoft has intentionally option for a 3:2 screen ratio instead of 16:9, which ideally means that things would look much natural in daily use.
  7. Surface 3 Pro is quieter and the fan does its job brilliantly. You won’t feel the device heating up which can make you not hold the device
  8. New Type Cover that magnetically seals itself to the screen to provide more sturdiness, adds up as a keyboard

The Surface Pro 3 is an excellent device. Please note that it runs Windows 8.1 Not sure that it will become a mass hit or not, but it definitely would make heard turn around. But with this device, Microsoft has definitely raised the bar in terms of manufacturing a device along with such hardware and innovation. People who would like to upgrade to a laptop might consider this, or for people who want a superior tablet, Surface 3 Pro can prove its metal there.

By the end of August, the product will be commercially launched in 26 markets including Australia, Austria, Belgium, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Malaysia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand and the United Kingdom.

Date of release Pricing for India is not yet out, but this is what we can expect from Microsoft – An Intel Core i3 model starting at $799 (Rs. 45000), a Core i5 version starting at $999 (Rs. 65000), and the most powerful Core i7 starting at $1,549 (Rs. 75000+).

If you are sad to see India missing from the list of countries, wait for the next announcement from our side.

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