How to Install Android M on Nexus 5, 6 and 9

If you follow our news closely, you may know already that Google recently launched Android M at this years I/O conference with some truly outstanding features. And while public availability of Android M may be months away, developers and advanced users don’t need to wait until then to get an understanding of what changes it’ll bring to Android ecosystem. As always, Google has already rolled out the developer preview version of OS and although it’s a very early version that’ll go through several changes before being released publicly, still it’s good enough to provide an early understanding of major changes coming ahead. It can be installed on Nexus devices such as last generation nexus 5, latest nexus 6 and nexus 9. Here’s out little contribution towards how you can install Android M on your nexus device.

I have also discussed few major changes that have been put up in Android M. You can follow this post, if you want and then come back to this post.


Before you can install Android M preview, you need to ensure that your device satisfies a few conditions. These conditions are:

  • Its bootloader must be unlocked,
  • ADB and Fastboot must be installed on your computer, and you should have basic knowledge about it,
  • USB debugging should be enabled on your device.

Once above conditions are satisfied, you can move on to the main procedure given below.


Before moving on to the procedure given below I would like to tell you something important. Remember that this is a developer preview version of the OS, not a finalized one. This means it may have bugs and stability issues that may knock down your Android device. While any such cases haven’t been heard yet, still you should avoid installing it on a device that you use in your personal or professional life. Please proceed at your own risk on a device that’s not a big part of your life.

Install Android M on Nexus 5, 6 and 9

  1. First of all download Android M developer preview if you haven’t done that already.
  2. Now unzip the file using WinZip or any other archive extraction tool in a separate directory on your computer.
  3. Connect your Nexus device to computer via USB data cable.
  4. Now navigate to the directory where you extracted content of Android M developer preview file and from there to platform-tools. Open a command prompt window here by right clicking and choosing the option of “open command window here”.
  5. Execute the following command in command prompt window:

adb reboot bootloader

Once executed, wait until your smartphone’s bootloader is accessed by the computer.

  1. Now navigate once again to the folder where you extracted content of Android M developer preview and open command prompt once again. Once opened, execute the following command:


Now wait until the process completes. Once this process has completed successfully, your smartphone will boot with Android M developer preview. If you have any doubts or if you’re stuck anywhere, feel free to comment below. I’ll do my best to assist you as necessary.

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