Can Chromebook be your next Laptop?

If you’re searching for a good looking laptop with better build quality that you can buy at a price where only crap Windows laptops are the only options then answer is Chromebook. Well, additional benefit of using Chromebook is that you can easily access all the web content along with writing and checking up emails, accessing any website on the web, listening up to music, watching movies and even writing journals on the go. However, don’t expect its features to extend up to playing games which isn’t possible for now.

Let me give you a short story of Chromebook and then I’ll share its complete features (including pros and cons) which can help you decide it completely whether to buy or not.

What is Chromebook?

Can Chromebook Be Your Next Laptop

With Android OS, Google went on to Smartphone field to gather as much personal information of people in the world as it can and also making all those people addicted of its various internet services. The same thing goes with Chromebook. Google is offering people a choice other than traditional Microsoft running laptops and MacBooks.

Chromebooks are the laptops running Chrome OS which is developed and maintained by Google itself. Thus it is Google’s attempt in the field of another general computing machines i.e., laptops. Acer and Samsung were first to manufacture a Chromebook which was unveiled at Google I/O in May 2011 and till then Chromebooks have improved a lot. Now, you can even find a basic device along with very powerful Chromebook Pixel which is manufactured by Google itself.

Since Chrome OS uses Linux kernel, I would term Chromebooks as the best selling Linux laptops.

 Features of Chromebook 

In short, it offers clutter free experience which is solely targeted towards doing work through Chrome based apps via internet.

Fast – Since the OS is solely developed as per the hardware which is also very light in weight when compared to much bulkier Mac OS X or Windows OS, it boots within few seconds. You can expect a Chromebook to boot completely withinfew seconds (but much faster than Windows or even MacBook). Believe me you won’t find any other laptop booting so fast.

Secure – Complete OS is based on Cloud storage which is managed by Google itself and also every app and the OS itself is developed keeping security in mind. It is achieved by enabling multi-layer of security architecture. There is no need to worry about getting infections. So there is no need of antivirus as well. Complete peace of mind!

Google Chromebook Pixel

Internet Access – Chromebook uses Google Chrome browser to access different apps and extensions which are also there in any other PC version of the browser. All those apps and extensions fetch data when connected to internet.

Light weight – Most of the Chromebooks available in the market are light in weight which make them easy to carry at work or while travelling.

Battery Life – This is my favorite feature. Chromebook can easily survive for 6-14 hours on continuous usage even with internet. Insane, right?

Auto-Update – It keeps everything updated automatically. You just provide it internet access and keep everything fresh in background on auto.

With all these pros or benefits there are certain cons as well which are following,


If you’re too much addicted of using your laptop to play games and install several other softwares then this isn’t the machine that you should look for. It can do only which is allowed within the scope of Chrome browser.

Some Chromebooks are manufactured using extremely cheap build material. So don’t buy them unless you’re on very short budget.

These two are the only ‘not so good’ things about the Chromebook which we all can give up easily since it’s not asking us to pay a higher amount.

How Chromebook can be good for me (and you)?

If you’re a frequent traveller and also if accessing internet is mostly the reason why you use a laptop then Chromebook is best option for you.

You can easily access mails, edit and read documents, access websites, edit pictures while listening to your favorite number and not to forget you can watch movies on weekend as well.

Toshiba Chromebook 2

To help you out with data transfer from one device to another, Chromebook also supports different USB devices like phone, camera, USB drives, external mice or keyboards and even flash drives. And above all, few the apps are even working while you’re offline. So you can still access your mails, calendar, reminders and Google Drive while internet isn’t working. You are getting all these features for a price of $199 or above. The best Chromebook available now is Toshiba Chromebook 2 which costs just $329.

I hope most of the doubts would have been clear now. In case of any confusion, I’m always available for the discussion beneath.

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