FujiFilm launches Instax lineup of instant print cameras starting from Rs. 6,441

Today almost every pocket has a camera, and every person has become a photographer of his/her unique style, thanks to the increasing smartphone penetration in our country. And while some of these cameras are great (Remember iPhones and Lumia 1080?), most others can still not meet the level of excellence provided by that traditional, standalone camera. This reason, among with many others, contributes to the sale of cameras.

Most photography lovers prefer purchasing digital cameras, particularly because of their compact design and rich features that ultimately help in capturing high quality photographs. However, there’s one pain point associated with them – if you capture a ton of photographs, you can’t get them printed before 10 – 20 days at least.

Thankfully, Fujifilm saw this problem and has come up with a great solution. The company recently launched its Instax lineup of cameras in India with prices starting from 6000 bucks only. There’re four cameras in the series that can instantly print the captured photographs for you:

Instax Mini 8

Mini 8

Priced at Rs. 6,441, Mini 8 is the most affordable product in whole lineup. Since it’s most affordable, it has a very simple and limited set of functions coupled with an adjustment dial for adjusting brightness and taking photos in different modes. That simplicity may make you think of it as a toy camera in some cases, but it also helps in making it the most easily usable camera in whole lineup. Perfect for people who don’t want to play with the nuances of photography before capturing their photographs.

Instax Mini 25

Instax Mini 25

Primarily focused on selfie loving crowd, Mini 25 will cost you Rs. 8,045. It has a compact design, comes with self-timer and other features that’ll help you in printing out your next great selfie!

Instax Mini 50S

Instax Mini 50S

In the middle of the lineup is Mini 50S, which has been priced at Rs. 9,147 and is equipped with flash, self-timer and a close-up mode. If you’re not too much of a selfie-lover guy or gal and would like to pick up something better than Mini 8 then this is the best option under 10k INR.

Instax Mini 90

Mini 90

Finally there’s most feature rich Instax Mini 90, which has been priced at Rs. 10,999. The first thing that you’ll notice about it is its classic/retro design. But don’t be fooled by its retro look – it’s completely packed with features inside. There’re many advanced features in this camera like double exposures, bulb exposure mode, macro mode, landscape mode, high performance flash and so on.
If you buy any of these awesome cameras, printing photographs and passing them to your friends can become a breeze – as long as you keep enough Instax films with yourself, which come in the packs of 10 only! So next time when you go to any party, you may consider sharing some great photographs with your friends in classic style. At least some of them will definitely love it!

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