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Have you been in the situation where you wanted to know about the shops nearby your location so that you can purchase a particular mobile phone and yet you’re not able to find the appropriate shop? I’m sure you would have been in such a situation and I’m double sure that you would have felt helpless. This is exactly when the AskMe app for Android comes handy.

Lately, I was going through the situation very similar to the one that I’ve described earlier. I wanted to look for mobile shops around my locality and Google maps didn’t seem quite helpful in that matter. This is when I stumbled upon the app called AskMe. I liked the core concept and idea behind developing such application and we thought we would do a complete review of this application.

What is AskMe? – An App Review

AskMe App Review

While some of you might have got the idea of what the app is, let me give you the overview of what AskMe does and how you can stretch the usability of this app. AskMe is where you will be able to get the information such as restaurants near you, jobs, travel companies and places where you can buy mobile phones and other electronic items. What we are talking about is the directory of the offline shops and not the e-commerce sites where products are sold online. The information is so accurate and diverse that I’m wondering how they have managed to get the hold of it.

All of these things look similar to what JustDial is doing, right? There has got to be some advantage of using AskMe. What it is? Well, that’s what we are going to find out as we go along the review.

Getting Started with AskMe App

First thing first. The AskMe app is available on Google play store for free and I would urge you to install the app using this link which directly points to the play store listing.

Once you’ve installed the app, fire it up and let’s see how we can use it.

The very first thing that you’ve do is fill up the “I’m looking for” field. This is where you can simply put the the keyword mobile phone or whatever your choice is. Then you will see a “locality” field which is where you can write down the area of locality where you live. The third field should automatically be filled with city in which you’re living. If it doesn’t fill up the space automatically, simply use the find me button to track down your location. As soon as you’re done filling up this information, tap on search button and you will see a list with regards to what you’ve searched.

Let’s take for an example that I’m looking for mobile phones in my locality. This is what the search results page would look like.

AskMe App - Screenshot

AskMe Directory Listing

It is huge. Yes, the list is damn huge. I did a quick search for almost all kind of things and there wasn’t a single time with no listing. Although they are currently supporting only 15-20 cities, the listing and the information that they have been able to gather is admirable.

What’s more is you get the full postal address, phone number and photos of the places. The description for each of these places is quite unique and the rating beside the contact button gives a quick overview of the experience of other fellow users.

Free Ads

Just beside the AskMe listing, you will see the option of free ads. This is where you will be able to find the listing of the ads from other users. It is quite similar to the where users can sell the items with this being more user friendly. Everything right from the address and the contact number is quite visible.

Posting an Ad

AskMe - Post An Ad and Deal

Users can post their own ads mentioning the product that they want to sell. The other users can easily check out these ads (as mentioned in earlier paragraph) right from the app. Apart from posting the ads, users can also post information about the deals that are happening around their locality.

AskMe Deals

Posting a deal on the AskMe is quite easy. Simple click on the post a deal button while you’re on the home screen and you’ll be redirected to the screen where you need to put in details such as title of the deal, your email address, phone number, category of the deal and sub-category if applicable.

Final words

The overall experience with the app was quite commendable. However, there are areas of the improvements. The directory listing is literally huge and to swipe through such listing, there needs to be a better scrolling. Yes, the scrolling isn’t fully smooth sometimes. Additionally, the app behaves abruptly when clicking on the right side arrow. Everytime I click on one of the arrow under “AskMe” listing, it used to generate the click on the third item. It was like I was clicking on the first item and the app was opening the third or fourth item. Quite weird. However, apart from these small glitches which can easily be solved through the next update, the experience of using it and getting the right information at the right time was simply awesome.

Our team is giving it 4 out of 5 stars. Go ahead and give it a try!

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