Xiaomi might just participate in Android One Program

The Chinese Apple has done it again. I’m talking about surprising people at ultimate level; the level which no one can predict. This time, the surprise isn’t related to offering a high end device at cheaper price rather it’s something beyond anyone could have imagined. Xiaomi is said to be in talks to join Android One program soon. If all goes well, India is going to receive an Android One powered device which will be manufactured by Xiaomi. To make it happen, Xiaomi need to manufacture hardware and then offer it to users with pure stock version of Android OS. So the only thing Xiaomi need to ditch is its MIUI (skin which it adds on top of Android). For me, Xiaomi never looked like a serious brand at least in India during its initial days but this step it is surely going to change the mindset of people like me.

Google’s Android One program is believed to offer decent quality hardware phones with Google’s own stock version of OS at an affordable price. Indians are already having three Android One phones from Micromax, Spice and Karbonn out of which Micromax Android One A1 is doing exceptionally great.

Xiaomi Going to Be Next Manufacturer for AndroidOne Program

Xiaomi AndroidOne Phone coming soon!

After few weeks of Xiaomi entering in India with its Mi3 smartphone, reports came that device was sending important and personal user’s data to Chinese servers, which literally stopped millions of users from buying it. But still Xiaomi was able to sell its complete stock of in each sale. Whatever could be the explanations behind this unusual activity, people already got bad the impression about brand and they immediately pulled down that feature as an optional feature in next update.

Xiaomi AndroidOne Phone

This particular issue is not going to be part of Xiaomi Android One device since it will be having only the hardware from Chinese vendor while software is going to be all from Google. The Android OS is going to be latest with all Google services and apps pre-installed. Also Google is going to offer software updates to the device for next two years. So the complete package is going to be worth each penny spent.

Another exciting feature which is going to help Xiaomi sell millions of its Android One powered devices in country is that it might just provide better hardware at much affordable cost. So overall its going to fit in Google’s plan with the program as well.

Google’s aim is to cover as many people as it can with its Android software via these phones and its targeting developing nations among which India is their top most priority. Xiaomi is definitely going to help both Google and users. Let’s see what sets of specs in Xiaomi Android One phone might bring if all the rumors and reports are true.

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