Xiaomi Arch emerges, will it be the Galaxy Note Edge killer?

Recently, Samsung surprised the entire world when it announced one of their premium limited edition smartphone, with a curved edge glass screen. Yes, we are talking about the much hyped Galaxy Note Edge, which was announced alongside Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It is the first smartphone to feature a fully functional  curved display on one of its edges. But Samsung’s anticipation over this product was short lived in the market, as Xiaomi Arch leaked image that has just started trending shows that it is been build up as Galaxy Note Edge killer. Xiaomi Arch – A Smartphone which will feature curved display on both edges.

Xiaomi Inc. – a privately owned Chinese electronics company is headquartered in Beijing, China. It is now the world’s 3rd largest smartphone distributor, marketer and manufacturer. Over last year, we have witnessed some brilliant products from Xiaomi which created huge market vibe. Few of their successful product in the markets this year were Redmi Note, Redmi 1S  and Mi 3.

Xiaomi Arch vs Galaxy Note Edge

If sources are to be believed, Xiaomi is going to rule the year 2015 by rolling out products with some awesome features along with a very economical price tag.

The Xiaomi Arch will be a premium offering from the company. The leaked Xiaomi Arch photo that has popped into the tech leak world claims that the Arch would be the first ever smartphone to come with dual curved screen on both its edges, beating the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge which comes with one.  It is believed that both of curved edges will be able to see various kinds of alerts and function on the curved edges. Since there will be two edge, it would be really exciting to see how magical the scrolling features, drop down lists, news ticker or notifications can be integrated.

The specification of the phone are yet to be discovered, but for all we knows is that Mi branding lay over the screen, next to the speaker grill.  Xiaomi is also believed to announce the successors of their current range of smartphones, like Redmi Note2 and MiPad2 by first quarter of 2015.

What are your views about Xiaomi Arch? Do you think this will be a better buy than Samsung Galaxy Note Edge? Will be the Edge killer? Post your comments below and don’t forget to share this with your friends.

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