Testing.. Testing.. Snapdragon 810.. Checked

Qualcomm, one of the (or perhaps only) leading chip manufacturer has already began testing out its latest processor aka Snapdragon 810. What is amusing is the fact that it involves two mammoth (really really huge) devices on which the testing is being carried out. The company is busy setting out its course and efforts in production as well as release of the new devices.

The first smartphone in the list is Snapdragon 810 MDP which perhaps doesn’t look like a real name of the smartphone. Off course it does represent the processor that it is running but apart from the chipset, it has got giant 6.2 inch display and 64 bit architecture processor. Looking at the screen size, which we have been observing lately, the companies are surely trying to build something that would right in between a phone and tablet (and they don’t seem to have good success rate with that). In addition to the familiar chipset, the phone has got Adreno 430 graphics processing unit (GPU) and 4 GB of RAM. Whoa! 4GB of RAM? This shit is giving competition to my desktop. The device will have 32 GB of in-built storage and it can be expanded through micro SD card. When it comes to camera, the phone has usual 13 megapixel shooter at back and 4 megapixel lens at front. The 3020 mAh battery and existence of Android 5.0 Lolipop should provide a good battery performance. The smartphone will retail for $799 which is pretty much 50 bucks lesser than the iPhone which costs $849 without contract.

Snapdragon 810 - Smartphone

Snapdragon 810 – Smartphone

The second in the line is a tablet featuring same chipset but 10.1 inch display with latest 4k resolution. Not to mention the 64 bit architecture of the processor would give enough power to support that kind of resolution. As mentioned earlier, the tablet will run on Snapdragon 810 octa core processor which has been coupled with 4 GB of RAM and Adreno 430 GPU. The camera is same as that of the smartphone i.e., 13 megapixel at back and  4 megapixel at front. The huge 7050 mAh battery would definitely give excellent backup throughout the day. The tablet is expected to cost you around $999.

Snapdragon 810 - Tablet

Snapdragon 810 – Tablet

Both these devices feature quick charge technology, dual ultra sound emitters and micro USB 3.0.

The really really high specifications of these device put them on top of all the smartphones that are currently their in the market. However, don’t put your hopes as high as the specifications because these devices would be sold with registered purchasers only. Additionally, there is no news about whether the devices would be released anywhere outside USA. Till then, go back and enjoy your “low end” (pun intended) devices.

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