Spice launches first Firefox OS powered smartphone in India

Till now Mozilla’s entry in the mobile OS market didn’t leave much impact because world is already drowned in the intoxication of three mobile operating systems namely Android, Windows Phone and iOS. There is very little chance that any new OS could replace them and become number one but companies are trying to bring something new. The all new Firefox OS powered smartphone i.e., Fire One has been announced by the Spice India and another one from Intex is also on its way. Spice has unveiled Fire One, a low-end smartphone with an attractive price tag of Rs. 2299 while Intex is also expected to announce a Firefox OS based smartphone on August 25th, 2014.

Most smartphone vendors keep touting that their low-cost devices are built especially for beginner users. But if we see technically then Android, iOS, BB10 and Windows Phone all are advanced enough that most users don’t even know how to unlock the full-potential of these operating systems. Firefox OS may become a good choice for such users. It’s economical, easy to use and above all optimized specially for devices which have the most basic hardware.

Spice Fire One: The First Firefox OS Smartphone

Spice Fire One- First Firefox OS Smartphone

Spice Fire One- First Firefox OS Smartphone

As you may expect, Spice Fire One is also not a high-end device from any angle. It’s a basic smartphone powered by a 1 GHz single core processor with 3.5-inch HVGA display, 2MP Camera rear-facing camera and 1.3MP front-facing camera. Support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is also available. However, 3G incompatibility may seem a bit disappointing to some users. The phone will be available exclusively on Snapdeal from August 29 for a limited time. After that it’ll be available from Spice HotSpot stores or Saholic.com.  It also has support for various Indian languages like Hindi, Tamil and Bangla.

The phone can be expected to provide a decent basic experience of smartphone to beginner users. Firefox OS is a web-first platform, not app-first like other major operating systems. It follows all Web Standards of HTML 5, WebRTC and RTSP. It decentralizes the current app publishing process that drives all other mobile operating systems and provides complete power of app publishing to developers. This means developers don’t need to be bound by the rules that govern app development for all major mobile operating systems.

Spice Fire One

Spice Fire One

There’s a handy advantage of such an operating system: unlike Android or iOS it doesn’t require the user to download and install apps before using them. Instead, you get instant access to all apps in the marketplace because  they exist in the slightly varied form of webpages. Developers can also publish their apps instantly as they publish their websites.

As of now Mozilla is working on some major changes that’ll come to the OS later this year. One major change among them is the way in which users access their recently used apps and notifications. To set itself apart from Android and all other mobile operating systems Mozilla is working on a cross platform sync service that’ll allow Mozilla to integrate user’s marketplace data, browser data, backup, storage and various other services with a single Firefox Account. As you may expect, it’ll also sync browser tabs open in your PC with the tabs open in your smartphone.

When Mozilla launched Firefox OS last year at MWC, it said that it has plans of expansion in various regions of Latin America, Europe and Asia. According to Dr  Li Gong, President of Mozilla Corporation, Firefox OS powered devices are now available in 17 countries of Latin America, Europe and Asia.

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