Samsung Galaxy S5 announced, does it make any difference?

Everybody was pretty much sure about the Samsung Galaxy S5 launch as it happened in the Barcelona yesterday. What’s interesting is… well, nothing is as interesting as it should have been. As you all are aware, Samsung has announced Galaxy S5 yesterday which is set to go on sale from April 11, 2014 across 150+ countries but is it the same smartphone that you were looking after? I see no difference in the design of Samsung Galaxy S5, S4 and S3. Well, to be precise, I once quoted in my tweet that Samsung Galaxy S5 = S4 = S3.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Launched

So, does it make any difference? What are the features that Mr. Sammy (Samsung) has added and are they really useful when considering the audience from global market? Let’s talk about them one by one.

Samsung Galaxy S5: Does it make any difference?

Water Resistant

This is more of a personal preference. I don’t really care if my smartphone is water resistant or not. I don’t like to carry my smartphone everywhere. In fact, there’re those moments in your life which should be enjoyed by you alone. Why is it necessary for a smartphone to be there in every moment? Water resistance of Galaxy S5 may save it from the accidental drop in water but that’s too rare in my case. Generally, I don’t prefer carrying smartphone when I’m near water (or swimming pool).

Heart Rate Sensor

Samsung Galaxy S5 - Heart Rate Scanner

There’s this additional sensor that has been added in Samsung Galaxy S5 but what remains to be seen is how useful it will be to the normal users. I mean how many users are really gonna use this app and start checking their heart rate. What’s the use of this apart from having fun and showing it off to your friends or colleagues? While other fitness apps may seem useful for the fitness savvy people, I don’t really see any remarkable use of the heart rate sensor in a mobile phone.

Finger Print Scanner

This is the one point where Apple users/fans would start crying. However, I must agree to the point that finger print scanner isn’t really needed. What’s so highly confidential data that ¬†you want to keep in your phone and have finger print scanner to unlock it? I would simply put a numerical lock or perhaps a pattern lock.

There are some good things!

Samsung's revamped TouchWiz experience

Well, the things mentioned above are not the bad things but they aren’t necessary for mass audience. Things like a powerful 2.5 GHz snapdragon 801 quad-core processor, revamped touch wiz user experience, 16 megapixel camera are something that I would look after. Also, there’s this additional 200mAH battery power making it 2800 mAH from the Galaxy S4’s 2600 mAH. I’m really concern about the battery backup provided by android phones and I’m sure there are thousand more wondering about the same thing. It would have been much better if Samsung would have added a higher mAH power battery to provide better backup.

On a personal note, I strongly feel that Samsung should change the design of the devices they are releasing. I don’t see any larger difference between the design of the Galaxy S3, S4 and newly announced S5. They all look like twins.

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