Rs 2222 OFF on Moto E (Flipkart Voucher Giveaway)

Motorola today has unveiled the all new budget friendly device named Moto E and we are delighted to announce the very first giveaway on DigitBrunch. We are giving away one lucky winner a voucher of Rs 2222 which you can use to get the discount of the Rs 2222 on your purchase of Moto E.

Now there are some rules to this giveaway and you need to follow them in order to qualify and win the Rs 2222 Flipkart voucher giveaway for Moto E. You need to perform some of the basic tasks. Here is our guide on how to participate in this giveaway.

Moto E is currently available on Flipkart for the price of Rs 6999 and it will start selling from Midnight.

Moto E (Dual SIM) on FlipkartRs 6999

How to participate in Rs 2222 OFF on Moto E Giveaway

  1. You must complete all the mandatory steps mentioned in the giveaway.
  2. It is recommended that you do all the tasks in order to increase your chances of winning.
  3. There are bonus points if you refer your friends to participate in this giveaway.

 How to earn bonus points 

  1. After completing all of the tasks, you’ll get unique URL specifically created for you (refer the screenshot below).Unique URL - Moto E Voucher Giveaway
  2. You can use this URL to promote the giveaway and you’ll earn extra/bonus points for each referral. (This is actually great way of increasing your chances)
  3. If you have a website/blog and want to promote  this giveaway (remember you can promote via your own unique URL) on it, we have some creative banners for you. (Scroll down to the end to get these banners.)
  4. You can also use this unique URL to post in some forums but be careful about their spamming rules.

Rules / Regulations

  • Don’t SPAM. If we find out someone using bots or fake traffic/clicks to increase referrals, we will straight away ban the respective participant.
  • Multiple entries from the same user are not allowed and it may result in ban on the respective participant (with or without notification).
  • The giveaway is open for all but you must be aware that the Flipkart services are available only in India.
  • Winner will be selected randomly and DigitBrunch and its owners have the final authority on it.
  • Winner will be declared on 17th May, 2013 via Facebook, twitter, Google Plus and an email to our newsletter subscribers.

We want everyone to play safe and have the equal opportunity of winning. So, start participating and promoting your own unique URL to get the bonus referral points.

Banners for Website Owners

Code for 300×250 banner

Flipkart Voucher Giveaway for Moto E - 300x250

<a href="REPLACE IT WITH YOUR UNIQUE URL" target="_blank"><img src=""></a>

For example, if I want to add the url of this post, the code would look like something shown below.

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a>

Bloggers can use this banner in the sidebar and at the same time promote it using their unique URL to earn extra/bonus entries. This will increase their chances of winning this giveaway. Don’t be sad if you’re not blogger. You can still share your unique URL on various social networking sites and forums. You can also ask your friends to use your link to enter into this giveaway.

  • The thing i like about Moto E it,s awesoem features and Pricing 😀

    • Pavan

      Pricing is seriously very attractive (just like Moto G). 😉

  • SumitBarcelonaGupta

    It’s beauty with brains.
    Features stunning, price also shocking 😀

    • Pavan

      Yes, price is literally shocking (just like Moto G).

  • That it is made motorola and 1gb ram

    • Pavan

      Yes, 1 GB RAM and Kitkat out of the box is perhaps one of the best thing in this price range.

  • Moto E budget android phone with a lot of features and i’m looking forward to buy this phone.

    • Pavan

      Good luck shenoy. 🙂

  • Moto E is unbelievable smartphone with this price. Motorola is becoming tough competition for Samsung and MircoMaxx

    • Pavan

      Yes, specifically to the Micromax who has been dominating the budget-friendly market in India.

  • Mihir Chheda

    The most attractive feature of Moto E has to be its pricing, given all the quality features!

    • Pavan

      Yes, value for money specs and pricing makes it perfect device to own.

  • anish274

    Brand like Moto…..
    Support of Google……
    Price like less than 10K…
    Features like Costly mobile…..
    What else you want ……….Buy Definitely.

    • Pavan

      Regarding the point about “Support of Google”, I hope you do know that Google has sold Motorola to Lenovo. 🙂

  • Tejash Chheda

    Those features at that cost!!! This has gotta be a super hit for the Indian market.

    • Pavan

      Yes, totally agree. That is surely gonna be super hit.

  • Deepanshu

    Great features at an affordable price. Would love to have one since I am bored of my current phone.

    • Pavan

      Thank you Deepanshu for your participation. Which device you are using now?

      • Deepanshu

        Nexus 4

        • Pavan

          And you’re bored of Nexus 4 :O Interesting!

          • Deepanshu

            Haha :p

  • Sebastian

    This is just using us to promote the item which is going on sale. Only One person will get the item for the efforts done. This is absolutely absurd. People will not understand the inner aspect of MOTO company this is a gimick of the company for the sale of the item. Making a fool of the people in the name of Giveaway, Just One will get Rs 2222/- price less from the total. Isn’t it.?

    • Pavan


      We are not making anyone fool here. Nobody is using you. Its your wish. If you want to join, participate. I hope you understand that. 🙂

      Also, Motorola is not involved in this. This giveaway is sponsored solely by us (i.e., DigitBrunch) as we feel our readers should have the opportunity to get something in return for their loyalty towards us.

      Yes, only one winner will be announced as mentioned in the post above. .

  • Its an awesome smartphone which is compact unlike today’s phablet, so it would be good to have one 🙂

    • Pavan

      It has the thickness of 12.2 mm. Quit thick but yes, looks are killer.

  • One more Moto With an awesome specs

    • Pavan

      Yes, and near to stock Android experience adds great value to it.

  • Sameer Mishra

    The latest Android Kitkat is something that I liked most. Not many phones offer that for such a low price.

    • Pavan

      Yes, Kitkat is definitely a plus point and price makes it more sweeter.

  • Obviously it’s affordable price is what I liked the most!

    • Pavan

      Yes, attractive pricing as always. 🙂

  • ashish pandey

    MOTO E: The mobile with these specifications at this unbelievable price,, who do not want to buy… it will be a awesome gadget… i’ll buy but when,, i don’t know…. 🙁

    • Pavan

      Why wouldn’t you buy then? All the best for contest though!

  • sheshnath

    So mane amazing feature and just in 7K INR , that’s the one of the reason I wanna buy it . 🙂

    • Pavan

      Yep. In love with <3 "Pricing" 😉

  • Its affordable price or what.. 😀

    • Pavan

      Let’s call super-affordable. 😀 Right?

  • Amazing phone with affordable price. A big salute to Moto 🙂

    Making unbelievable to believable

    • Pavan

      Indeed. Price has been the most impressive strategy of the Motorola.

  • Subhayan Gupta

    The battery power and affordable price attract me most in this case.

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