OnePlus One will receive OTA updates from Cyanogen

From the time when OnePlus announced its entry in India, negative publicity is following it like a shadow. Finally it seems that the trend has come to an end. Here’s the good news – OnePlus One users in India will continue to receive OTA updates from Cyanogenmod. The word is official, and company has put it on the blog to stop the flow of misinformation.

This confusing drama began last week Cyanogen Inc released the 38R OTA update in the month of October. The update was important because it contained SAR values complying with Indian regulations in settings. With release of this update, Cyanogenmod fans in India started feeling excited about the fact that Cyanogen was betting big on India. With OnePlus One launchng alongside with Cyanogenmod OS on December 2, people were excited enough to give it a shot. Although OnePlus One is a great phone itself with plenty of great features that can hook the buyers, still it’s believed that Cyanogenmod OS was one of the biggest reasons for which most buyers were interested in it.

But then suddenly Cyanogen took a U-turn and announced its exclusive partnership with Micromax for its ‘Yu’ branded phones. That announcement was enough to leave the Indian OnePlus One users disappointed – most of them wanted the phone for Cyanogen, but this exclusive partnership meant that the phone wouldn’t get any OTA updates in future from Cyanogen. A disgruntled and disappointed OnePlus immediately announced that it was working on its own software based on Android 5.0 Lollipop platform, which will be available for users in February.

One Plus One - OTA Update for India

One Plus One – OTA Update for India

However, today Cyanogen Inc took another U-turn and clarified through a blog post that OnePlus One users in India will continue to receive its OTA firmware updates intended for “all global devices, including devices for users in India.” Since OnePlus is launching the international version of One in India, it’s clear that the device will continue receiving OTA updates from Cyanogen.

The reason behind this one week late U-turn is unknown, but it seems like these 3 companies, namely Micromax, OnePlus and Cyanogen reached some sort of agreement behind the scenes. Whatever the reason, now it’s clear that OnePlus One shoppers won’t have to go through the unnecessary trouble of flashing another software to enjoy updates.

However, a few things are still unclear – First, will OnePlus now drop the idea of developing its own OS? And second, will company continue its tie-up with Cyanogen on a global basis? It’ll be interesting to see the way to which this story goes from here.

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