OnePlus names its upcoming custom ROM Oxygen

Do you remember the much hyped Oneplus-Cyanogen-Micromax drama that took place a few months ago after which OnePlus had said that it’s working on its own custom ROM? Well, it seems like company is all set to deliver on its promise. After Cyanogen stabbed in the back of OnePlus, the company started working on its own custom ROM to power One and other future handsets that it plans to launch. Finally, it seems like the ROM is ready to be launched in a few days.

In case you don’t know, company held a naming contest to name its upcoming custom ROM a few days ago. And today the name is official – the company announced in a post on OnePlus official forum that their upcoming custom ROM will be known as “Oxygen.”

According to members of OnePlus team, they liked the name “Oxygen” because it signifies the meaning of simplicity and power collectively. It’s everywhere, in every aspect of life, in everything that we do and is an essential building block for many other amazing things. Interestingly, the OS will be known as Hydrogen in China!

OnePlus Oxygen OS

OnePlus names its custom ROM Oxygen OS

The new ROM will be based on Android 5.0 Lollipop. Company also released an alpha version of its ROM a few weeks ago, which was a very basic, stock AOSP version with no customization at all.

Nothing much on the topic is known as of now except the fact that company’s software will be clean, customizable and free from bloatware. But don’t worry – we’ll come to know more details soon because company has said that it’ll reveal more about the OS at February 12. As you can see, not much time is remaining.

Those who’re existing users of OnePlus One will have to flash the ROM on their devices manually. On the other hand, the future handsets of company will come with its own ROM.

In last few months a number of smaller smartphone manufacturers have adopted the practice of developing both smartphones and custom ROMs. Xiaomi was the pioneer of this strategy and Cyanogen followed the suite soon by licensing its software to Micromax. OnePlus, on the other hand, was forced to do so as a result of this partnership. Now when 3 direct competitors are involved in a similar strategy, it’ll be interesting to see how far each of these players goes. Keep visiting us because we’ll be bringing more updates about the ROM as they become available.

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