NVIDIA spoils HTC’s big surprise, HTC Nexus 9 gets leaked

We already know that NVIDIA has filed a lawsuit against Samsung and Qualcomm for infringing seven of its GPU patents. We also know how many twists and turns there have been in this NVIDIA-Qualcomm-Samsung lawsuit till now. But the story took another interesting turn today when NVIDIA announced the use of Tegra 1K processor in upcoming HTC Nexus 9 tablet on its website as a part of lawsuit and spoiled HTC’s big surprise that has been kept in guard till now. So far there have been many rumors about the tablet, which resulted in a lot of confusion. But now after this leak it’s confirmed that HTC Nexus 9 is indeed real and on its way.

A legal document published by NVIDIA on its website said that HTC Nexus 9 (yep, it said Nexus 9; no Nexus 8, Nexus 8.9 or anything else) will be powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra 1k quad-core processor. It’s unclear whether 32-bit or 64-bit version of the processor will be installed in this slate, but the later one is more likely to be used because Google is going to add the support for processors of 64-bit architecture in Android L so it would like to show the implementation in a device.

NVIDIA leaks Nexus 9 tablet

NVIDIA leaks Nexus 9 tablet


It’s evident that Google has moved away from Asus for the production of its affordable tablet. HTC Nexus 9 seems to be a very premium device with several impressive features. Some of the expected features based on previous leaks are a larger 8.9-inch display with resolution of 2048 x 1440 pixels, 2GB RAM, 8MP OIS main camera, 3MP secondary camera and aluminum zero gap construction that’ll make it compete with iPad mini. Needless to say that it’ll look much better than the older Nexus tablets. The tablet is expected to make its debut in storage options of 16GB and 32GB. Support for LTE is also expected. Leaks suggest that 16GB version will be priced around Rs. 24,000 and 32GB version will be priced around Rs. 30,000. The LTE enabled version may cost another 6,500 bucks and may be priced around Rs. 36,500.

The document said that Nexus 9 can be expected in third quarter of the year. This points to a launch date somewhere in the last week of September because third quarter ends there. But don’t get excited for a launch that soon because there’s a twist – HTC has already sent out the press invitations for a “double exposure” media event that’ll take place on October 8. Additionally, the month of October has also been used traditionally by Google for launching new Nexus devices. Plus, if it’s going to run Android L then its launch date will be more closely tied to the plans of Google rather than anything that NVIDIA said in its leaked document. So company’s expectations may be well off the mark.

HTC Nexus 9 - Render

HTC Nexus 9 – Render

So now HTC’s name can also be added to the list of companies that have been bothered by the battle of this trio. By now that document has been removed from company’s website, but it can still be accessed via Google Cache.

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