Motorola acknowledges Nexus 6 manufacturing defect in some models

If you were considering purchasing a Nexus 6 despite its hefty price tag about which Indian smartphone enthusiasts have been complaining since the launching of device but still haven’t got the chance to get your hands on it, don’t be too frustrated. Actually, your luck may be working these days. Believe it or not, but things have become even more frustrating for some people who got their Nexus 6. It seems like the handset, which was touted as the most solid built Nexus device till date, isn’t as solid as people thought. Several users of Motorola Nexus 6 are complaining that the back cover of their phone, which is non-removable in nature, is peeling off and coming out of the chassis, leaving a gap on the sides of the phone.  You can see it in the image given below:

Nexus 6 Defective Back Cover

The defective back cover of a Nexus 6

The exact cause of this manufacturing defect is unknown, but according to some users who joined a discussion on this topic in Reddit forums, this painful thing is happening because of battery. The battery inside the device may be expanding in size, thus causing the back cover to come out of the chassis. Another issue may be the glue that Motorola used to install the cover. But who knows? Motorola, on the other hand, is still quiet on the reason of the issue. The company has acknowledged the manufacturing defect and is willing to replace the handsets with defect, but it’s still quiet on why this thing is happening.

Some users faced the issue after using their handset for a few days, others encountered it early on. In fact, some users have reported that they encountered the issue with a device straight out of the box. If you own a Nexus 6 handset, check it right away for the defect. If you see even a minor line of gap on the sides of the phone, use it with extreme care. Or it’ll be much better if you don’t use it at all. Bulging batteries aren’t normal, as you may know already, and may explode at any time. If you can see the issue, contact Motorola Support or the retailer from whom you bought the device and get a refund, if you’re eligible. Otherwise you can request a new handset from Motorola Support and they’ll send it your way. But don’t use a defective device like this one for the sake of your own security.

The device has recently been launched in India, around 2 months ago in November. So far, however, no Indian victim of this defect has been found.


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