Micromax is reportedly working on CyanogenMod smartphone

We had already seen manufactures like Oppo and One Plus One manufacturing smartphones with Cyanogen which is one of the most popular variant of Android. It seems like Micromax is also in the line to join hands with Cyanogen Inc and launch an exclusive CM smartphone in Indian market. Indian users are now more clever. Indian users have started looking at the other important factors which contribute to the overall performance of the device. Android One program is one such example. Last year, an another example was set by Moto G which brought the combination of stock user experience and hardware specifications.

The CM powered smartphones are equally good when it comes to offering excellent user experience. In addition to this user experience, the smartphones like 1+ one are coupled with high-end specs sheet. While buying 1+ one smartphone wasn’t the chance for everyone as it was invite based only, Oppo was the only option left for Indian consumers. So having Micromax smartphones with the Cyanogen platform is surely going to be a handy option for Indian customers.

Micromax working on Cyanogen Running Phones - 'Coming Soon'

CyanogenMod Powered Micromax Smartphones

Cyanogen software is based on Android OS itself but it delivers a way better user experience which is clutter free and amazingly fast. Main attractive feature is that it runs like charm on any (better) hardware. Another great feature of Cyanogen is that smartphones running on it gets latest Android updated pretty fast while most of the manufacturers don’t care for providing Android updates to their existing users.

Micromax is pretty well-known manufacturer’ in Indian market.  We may not be able to comment on the market hit that this device would produce but as far as performance of the device is concerned, we are pretty much confident that it would be top-notch.

Earlier, there were rumors that Google was trying to buy Cyanogen Inc but the offer was rejected from the CM team. Now, the news that we are reportedly getting about the possible partnership between CM and Micromax can surely change the wave in different direction.

Micromax has already launch a new smartphone under Android One program which is also offering better user experience and a promise of getting regular updates for upcoming two years at least. Therefore, it would be interesting to see how CM powered smartphone from Micromax would perform against Android one smartphone.

If you can’t wait for the Cyanogen powered Micromax smartphone then you can easily find Cyanogen ROM for your current Android smartphone and flash it up. Off course, there are risk involved and I would recommend you to follow a full fledged guide depending upon the model that you’re using.

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